Developing Your Sense of Hive Mind


Developing Your Sense of Hive Mind

thank you Spreng Ben!!

The impossible is happening more often. Because of the Internet and evolution of human consciousness, our connected nature is creating an awareness of the "energy behind everything" (also known as god, or source energy, or hive mind, or MetaMan, or the flow of well being). As humans, we are collectively relearning a dormant sense: the flow sense.

The flow sense is being able to perceive the energy behind everything (that knows everything), and listen to it's infinite intelligence. It's so beautiful to be human because not only do we have an easy guidance system (emotions) directing us to the flow, but we also have an individual mind to create in flow. Creating in flow is to have a desire and feel the satisfaction of having it come to you, because the force that knows everything arranged reality in just the right way for you to get what you want.

To be a cooperative component when creating (thinking) with the hive mind, don't resist the flow with questions of how your desires are manifesting. Reality is complex and it can take some time to get the things you want. Just let each desire go as you have it and find a way to feel good without it.

The things you want are either going to happen or not, and there's nothing you can DO about it (you can't control all the moving parts that are needed to get your big dreams to you), aside from by offering as little resistance as possible. You offer cooperation instead when you think positive thoughts (your mind is creating this experience after all! it's the engine!) that are full of knowing and trust in the power of source energy (i.e., god or Christ or flow). You offer cooperation when you meditate and quiet your mind so you can hear what infinite intelligence is guiding you to. You will hear it by attracting a thought that contains your solution, or a step on the way.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Jen

    I’ve received so many gifts from the universe this last week due to reminding myself to have as little resistance and negativity as possible.. Amazing things are happening.. So glad to read this at just the right time (especially the last paragraph in particular)! Great post!

  • Eirini

    Outstanding post,as always,Jessica!I always get so much out of each and every one of your posts!Thank you!

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