All it really takes is 7 sentences

All it really takes is 7 sentences

So grateful for a uniform to wear. So grateful to be on space 25 of my grocery list already today yayyy. So grateful for Pandora and new music recommendations. So grateful for shared libraries. So grateful for new neighbors. So grateful for the shift. So grateful more people are becoming entrepreneurs. So grateful to be a vibrational entrepreneur. So grateful for the power of focus and how confident it makes me feel. So grateful for the power of memes. So grateful for details. So grateful for the deliciousness of every moment in my life. So grateful I get back in the flow so fast when I wake up now. So grateful to feel so good. So grateful for beautiful music. So grateful for conversations about converting aj play to music. So grateful for good conversations.

So grateful I get to choose how I feel. So grateful I get to choose the details of my life to expand. So grateful that's all it takes. A strong desire with no resistance and a willingness to look for evidence of your desire. So grateful to remember to focus on all sorts of tiny details I like, not just relationships or money or health. So grateful the possibilities of life are so endless. Limitless. Infinite. Free.

All it takes is seven sentences of focused thought to get back in the vortex, or to get close enough to be pulled in. Seven sentences is nothing. I want a way to do that in my head. I guess I have it now.

So grateful for major epiphanies coming at a rate of 3 per hour! That's absolutely nuts. So grateful to be open to the flow. So grateful the flow is so powerful. So grateful to be amplifying my perception of the flow. So grateful to ask for visual and aural reflections and receive them.

The flow sense. That's the 7th sense, or something. The flow sense is what we're developing. The sense of being connected to everyone and everything else. The sense of accessing the hive mind, not one's own mind.

What a relief to finally know what I'm doing. Being aware of one's thoughts and emotions is how to get better at the flow sense. It's so easy. And it feels good and it pays off in incredible ways. No wonder we shouldn't resist. It's just our consciousness learning to talk to itself in a new way. That is so badass! Hahahaha.

So grateful to create in flow SO HARD.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.