Flow, lead me

Flow, lead me

So grateful for a blissful drive home. So grateful for vegan conans. So grateful for regular poker nights with regular players! So grateful to be getting to know everyone better! So grateful for the scene to scene flow. So grateful to be keeping my vibe up so high. So grateful to have an easy method to direct my thoughts. So grateful for my computer. So grateful for my car. So grateful for my apartment. So grateful for synchronicities about dreams!

So grateful to be getting better at connecting with people. So grateful to meditate during poker and see the dog dance. So grateful for the text box in my mind of vision. So grateful for an effortless way to direct thought. "Is your window open?" So grateful for the feeling of flow. So grateful to be making the choice. So grateful to be going further than ever. So grateful for my life experience that lead me here. So grateful for Kelly. So grateful for Pwny and Linty. So grateful for body pump in the morning!

So grateful I know everything is a solution. So grateful to always look for the solution. So grateful I know you have to shuffle the deck to get a new hand. So grateful we get to chill with my bro tomorrow! SO GRATEFUL I got to talk to kerri today! So grateful to be getting better at releasing awareness of time. So grateful to be along for the ride. So grateful for shamans and unicorns and lucid dreams. So grateful for our magickal order.

So grateful it's whatever I want. So grateful I am getting better. So grateful I'm learning how to flow better and better, higher and higher.

the experiment
I want flow. I want lucidity. I want love. I want to give. I want to try spotify! I want to have the best night of my life. I want to remember everything is unfolding perfectly. I want to get better at this! I want new thoughts. New thoughts please.

I want to be in the Now. I want to direct the experience.

I want to remember that I am the one in control. I am the creator. It's whatever you want.

Lucid dreams. Flow. Relaxing conversation. Breakthroughs, epiphanies. Laughter! Fun! Focus. Confidence. To milk this feeling.

I am releasing my awareness of time. Reality is becoming more dream like. Synchronicities come faster, more. I want to flow with the greatest good. I want to give love and comfort. I want to uplift. I want to remember that I know. I want to remember I am in control.

I want to levitate. I want to inspire. I want to have fun.

Higher, faster, more. I'm ready for it. I'm getting the hang of this. I am source. I am source waking up in the playground of physical reality.

My window is open. I;m so grateful for the sensations. I'm so grateful for the hands. I'm so grateful I can just look at my hands and meditate on their magickal muscle memory dance. So grateful I have hands. So grateful Linty is next to me. So grateful I'm open. So grateful I'm open and there is a song on with the lyrics "I am open" playing right now.

So grateful for connection. So grateful to be getting closer to the meta man! So grateful for luck and timing. So grateful everything I eat makes me slimmer and more attractive. So grateful I can install that belief and it works already .So grateful to reinforce it every single time I eat. So grateful for thoughts/mantras that WORK. So grateful for meditation. So grateful to be so connected. SO grateful to be aware and conscious and in the now So grateful I can flow and let go. So grateful I can channel. So grateful I can talk to source. So grateful I can be source.

I want playtime, magickal cocreation, artistic flying over buildings and rotating views. I want more podcasts and more connection and more flow and more fun and more laughter.

I want to be in the now, where all the fun is. I want lucid dreams, to practice my power. I want to keep my window open.

I just want to let go and let the flow lead me. The flow will take me to the greatest good. The flow is my connection. The flow is in the now.

Now what?

I want to see the flow, smell the flow, hear the flow, create with the flow. I want to let source do it. I want to be an expert at seeing the flow. I want to be an expert at going with the flow. I want the Now. I want to flow in the Now.

I want to be inspired to my next action.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.