So grateful to see the sunrise!

So grateful to see the sunrise!

So grateful for Total Miner! So grateful everything I eat makes me slimmer and more attractive! So grateful for total synchronicity in every aspect of my life. So grateful to choose focus at all times. So grateful all I have to do is change my thoughts. So grateful for my kitties and the new Britney Spears. So grateful for Kelly. So grateful for Paprika! The best movie ever! So grateful for Total Miner marathons! So grateful for mashed potatoes and gravy! So grateful for S. So grateful to have a best friend. So grateful to have friends that stay up late. So grateful to be outside during daylight when it's 83º. So grateful for pretty girls. So grateful we're dreaming. So grateful I get to choose my thoughts. So grateful I get to make my reality.

So grateful I am getting WAY better at removing limiting beliefs. So grateful I always have surplus everything. So grateful I know to direct my thoughts all the time, that's all I have to do, everything else falls into place! Writing as often as I can and meditating and sleeping lots, that's all it takes! Oh and lots of caffeine and vegan junk food and video games. I LOVE MY LIFE.

So grateful it's the weekend! So grateful it's so fun to talk to everyone I see. So grateful I'm getting better at playing with people. So grateful I've done so well with my 2011 new year's "resolutions" of "fun, play, toys and games". !!! That is so beautiful.

So grateful for pop music. So grateful I get to do whatever I want, when ever I want. So grateful to be getting so good at directing thought. So grateful for moments of connection! So grateful to feel love! So grateful for my beautiful apartment! So grateful to have money to pay rent to live here! So grateful everything is unfolding perfectly! So grateful to be focusing on the positive, always, always always! So grateful I know it's whatever I want and it can only move as fast as I allow. I'm so grateful it keeps flowing. So grateful the flow keeps going. So grateful it's eternal and infinite. So grateful time is just a concept. So grateful for friends who stay up late, it is so wonderful!

So grateful I choose this. So grateful I choose to keep my mood up all day every day. So grateful it's getting so easy. I get to think whatever I want! It works! And then my life is however I think it! It's the most brilliant lucid dream, with continuity!

So grateful for my wife. So grateful for our perfect relationship. So grateful we have each other to help each other focus. So grateful we both do the work. So grateful to feel confidence. So grateful to feel flow. So grateful to feel good. So grateful to love. So grateful to let go. So grateful to think the thoughts I want.

I want total rest and refreshment. I want perfect timing, flow, and play. I want laughter, jokes, and stories. I want to go further than ever before. I want to go deeper. I want to connect deeper. I want to give more. I want to be in the Now more. I want to love more. I want to play more.

I want more connection. I want to connect with more people. I want to create with more people. I want to do my best work. I want to be funny and silly and light. I want to be light. I want to uplift. I want to love. I want to give love. I want to give what I have to give. I want to love unconditionally.

I want to create. I want to flow. I want scene to scene. I want to take a nap and wake up 100% refreshed and ready to do stuff. I want to go higher and higher. I want to levitate. I want to keep the momentum going! I want to feel energized and refreshed!

Everything is unfolding perfectly. Everything I eat makes me healthier and more attractive. My thoughts create. My mood is my work. There is only Now. This is just a really long trip, a lucid dream. I am god. You are god. We are god. And we are coming together faster, harder, stronger!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.