Reality is just an average of the thoughts you think, and you can think whatever you want!

Reality is just an average of the thoughts you…

So grateful for Beats Antique. So grateful for inspiration. So grateful for flow. So grateful for a completely fulfilling day. So grateful for the SPEED of the flow. So grateful to be part of it. So grateful to be waking up more and more. So grateful to have so much fun working out! So grateful for dinner & universal grocery lists with Kelly. SO grateful for writing multiple times a day. LIFE CHANGER. So grateful for a fresh lifestreaming workflow. I wanted it so bad. So grateful I can focus in smaller doses more frequently. So grateful it's WAY more effective! So grateful to be doing the work even though I'm tired. So grateful to be redying my yellooooow. So grateful I filled out my list today way beyond 60 spaces! So grateful for oral memes. So grateful I give good head. So grateful for the experience. SO grateful for new music on Pandora. SO grateful Pandora GETS ME.

So grateful for the huge number of solutions in my life today. So grateful for Spunkshine. So grateful for the thumbs up feature on Pandora. So grateful the Rave Cave logo is done already! So grateful for the feeling I get when I look at it! It's coming together so effortlessly! I LOVE IT! So grateful for the jams. So grateful for Astrojax. So grateful for circus music. So grateful our apartment is easy to keep cool!

So grateful for so many new ideas. So grateful for a giant list of good ideas. So grateful for a giant list of things I LOVED about my day. So grateful focusing this way is so effective. So grateful it all comes together so effortlessly when you truly do the work to maintain your mood. I'm getting so much better! Exponentially better! It's all so worth it! Focusing is so worth it! Directing thought is so worth it! Reality is all just an average of what you think, AND YOU CAN THINK WHATEVER YOU WANT.

So grateful for Monday's and practicing the feeling and telling myself I love her/me/...
So grateful for the shivers. So grateful for the confirmations from source. So grateful for the sensation of being physically pulled vibrationally higher. It's going so fast now. The more I choose to feel good the more I can have. It's the best method ever. It's not scary anymore because I've tamed my mind. Allowing the power is getting easier and easier. I can feel it in my arms and shoulders and heart. I see it in my behavior. It's getting easier to make the right decision every time, I just listen to my emotions. I release resistant thoughts from my awareness. And I laugh soooo much.

Physical reality is getting easier to shift, faster. Things I used to not believe possible are becoming possible, like in a lucid dream.

This is SO MUCH FUN.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.