So grateful to be awake during sunrise!

So grateful to be awake during sunrise!

So grateful for the feeling of asphalt under my tires under my feet. So grateful for tingalingatingtingtongtington. So grateful to be outside for sunrise. So grateful to be part of the morning flow, even if it's my night. So grateful to choose focus at all times. So grateful for BACK TO SCHOOL! So grateful for Mondays! So grateful to be home from vacation!

I want a new curriculum, life design year 2! I want to keep the flow going. I want to practice more. I want to play harder. I want new levels. I want to share.

Life is a game (or a song...). It's whatever you want.

The rules: thoughts create. Focus on what you want. Whatever you believe is true. Your mood is your work.

The point: to play (to enjoy it, be in the vortex, feel good, have fun).

Tools: being to being communication. Lucid dreaming. Meditation. Writing. Contrast (points of leverage).

Tips: Be your remembering self. Say yes to what is. Practice.

I'm so grateful for new methods of attracting new thoughts. I'm so grateful I can say yes to what is and let life roll over me instead of assault me. I'm so grateful I can focus on what I want.

I want a fresh challenge, a new project. I want to go deeper than ever. I want to play. Everyone gets it, now what?

I'm so grateful for the opportunity to focus. I'm so grateful to have such wonderful friends and such a fun life. I'm so grateful everything already worked out for me. I'm so grateful for new thought patterns. I'm so grateful for focus. I'm so grateful I can start fresh. I'm so grateful for new challenges! I'm so grateful for fresh inspiration and muses!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.