So grateful for design [gathering momentum]

So grateful for design [gathering momentum]

I am so grateful for Depeche Mode. I'm so grateful to be writing from the perspective of source. I'm so grateful for the format of this post. I'm so grateful to have prompts for directing thought. I'm so grateful to be source energy in a physical human body. I'm so grateful to have use of fingers to type on a keyboard almost as fast as I can think. I'm so grateful typing is meditative and allows source to flow through.

I'm so grateful for Linty sitting next to me. I'm so grateful for espresso. I'm so grateful for cold water. I'm so grateful for the challenge of allowing source to write. I'm so grateful I want to practice. I'm so grateful I am learning how to allow source to flow through my fingertips.

I'm so grateful I write so much and meditate every day. I'm so grateful that's all it takes to have everything work out perfectly. I'm so grateful it's so easy to do this. I'm so grateful my mood is my work.

How am I expanding?
What does source want?

We want more! We want flow. We want fun. We want expansion and life experience and new ideas. We want play. We want being to being communication. We want to feel one with physical beings. We want to give you everything you've ever dreamed of. We want to show you how to get there. We want to appreciate how far you've come and how beautiful this creation is.

I am source energy in physical form. I am a form, which is impermanent, but I am also formless, which is eternal. One cannot be without the other.

I am a form, and I am creating the form. This form can be anything I desire. My desires are determined by my life experience.

What I want to feel today

  • FLOW!

Today I intend to focus and stay present!

I love writing about graphic design and how it relates to life design!!!

Links I love

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