Good morning!

Good morning!

I'm so grateful we get to sleep so much. I'm so grateful to finally feel rested. I'm so grateful I think about what I'm grateful for first thing in the morning. I'm so grateful I know to direct my thoughts. I'm so grateful Kelly wanted to sleep as long as I did! I'm so grateful for contrast which causes me to focus. I'm so grateful the Rave Cave logo concept is done! I'm so grateful it came so easily, a perfect example of creative flow.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a really fun day? Wouldn't it be nice to be sxe for a mo? Wouldn't it be nice to feel inspired, energetic and in the flow? Wouldn't it be nice to create a badass article? Wouldn't it be nice to let life live me?

I am focused and energized. I am conscious and flowing. I am on the leading edge of thought.

I am god in a physical body. I can be or do or have anything I desire. My thoughts create. My mood is my work.

Life is supposed to be fun. I am confident, playful and so happy to be alive. I decide what thoughts to think and allow them to manifest in my physical reality.

I am the creator. I am the creator of me and my life experience.

I want to create and have fun. I want to connect with source. I want to love and laugh. I want joy and bliss and ecstasy! I want euphoria and exhilaration!

Today I intend to direct my thoughts. Think about what I want, forget it, and feel good. Jessica, I love you exactly the way you are.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.