Even if it takes 7 sentences to start feeling better, writing 7 sentences is a lot easier than feeling bad.

Even if it takes 7 sentences to start feeling…

I'm so grateful life is so weird. I'm so grateful I've gotten used to the font in HTML view. I'm so grateful I know HTML. I'm so grateful for my design education. I'm so grateful I get to relax at home. I'm so grateful for the extreme comfort I am experiencing. I am so grateful I'm getting better at thought direction. Even if it takes 7 sentences to start feeling better, writing 7 sentences is a lot easier than feeling bad.

I'm so grateful I do the work every day. I'm so grateful I do it publicly. I'm so grateful I spent so long studying the Internet to satisfy my mind. I'm so grateful my mind is pretty well trained. I'm so grateful for awareness of the connection between source and Jessica. I'm starting to write more from the perspective of source than Jessica. It's an intriguing feeling! Like waking up from a dream or ... I can access that feeling more and more when I focus. I am aware of my enormous power. I am aware of my connection to Jessica's... mind. It's like infinite intelligence getting to take a wild unicorn for a ride. Eventually you get better, if you're awake enough to want to.

I'm becoming more aware of words typed directly from the perspective of source vs words typed with the mind. Source appreciates and marvels at everything. The mind tries to understand everything by picking it apart and reducing it to less than it really is. The mind worries too much. The mind second guesses. The mind wants to keep playing in the problem. The mind likes problems to chew on, making them bigger. That's what the mind does.

Let the words flow without thinking about them. Don't even look at them. Look at your hands.

I'm so grateful to be in this body. I'm so grateful to be able to use thought more powerfully. I'm so grateful I am feeling this weird perspective of waking up during a trip, during a dream. Like I'm just now remembering this is a spaceship I'm in, this human body. It's a REALLY FUN SPACESHIP WITH A BRAIN THAT MAKES THINGS.

I already have that matter compiler in my own head.

It's like lucidity testing in lucid dreams. THat's what all this is about. Suggestions to the dreamer. To wake up. Remember, this is why you came here. There were these tricks you could do to test if you're in physical reality and then you get to realize you're tripping in physical reality.

The mind resists everything. You just have to be source telling it what's what.

Omg if my mind is a wild unicorn, I totally tamed that bitch by saying "Jessica, I love you exactly the way you are." That's all anyone wants, right? Wow.

I am taming my mind like it's an organic, wild part of a spaceship. Like a contraption I get to ride, be inside, like a geodesic dome with all sorts of angles. But it's alive. It's consciousness... whatever that means. It's sentient. Thoughts think. They're all consciousness.

So I'm source energy, god, in here taming this mind contraption to have fun in the trip of physical reality. What's possible in physical reality is just a fractal of vibrational reality. If there are drug trips for humans, there must be trips for consciousness. God waking up as god in the playground of physical reality.

I am source. I am feeling this body for the first time. I don't care what the body looks like. It doesn't matter, because I have a mind. My mind can change anything I want. It's like getting the default avatar in a video game and knowing you can upgrade as soon as you have some experience in the game.

This is just a dream for consciousness, just like people have dreams. It's just a fractal of one of the infinite possibilities of thought.

I thank my body every day for it's perfection. It's like being grateful for a super comfortable spacesuit that allows you to breathe in some magickal world. It doesn't matter what your spacesuit looks like. The point is that you're breathing in this magickal world.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.