So grateful to be deep in the flow [gathering momentum]

So grateful to be deep in the flow [gathering…

I am so grateful yesterday was the most flowing day of my life. Bluehost referrals, hanging out with so many friends, kickboxing, witnessing the power of appreciation in real time! I'm so grateful I'm so conscious of my mood and thoughts, so that I can direct my experiences so effortlessly! I'm so grateful for gifts from friends. I'm so grateful we get to cook for our friends. I'm so grateful our friends like our food! I'm so grateful to Kelly for cooking and cleaning up last night. I'm so grateful we got to make a handmade video zine! I'm so grateful I focused on what I wanted, and received it instantly after writing that.

I'm so grateful for the treat molds Sheima gave us for our vegan peanut butter cups! I'm so grateful we always have so much fun hanging out with Sheima! I'm so grateful for our brainstorms! I'm so grateful for the Depeche Mode Pandora station. I'm so grateful we always make time to tune ourselves and meditate. I'm so grateful I wake up now and think "Jessica, I love you exactly the way you are." I'm so grateful it works so well! I'm so grateful for the enormous sense of relief I feel when I think that!

I'm so grateful for big breakfasts and feeling good first thing. I'm so grateful to be feeling good and confident and secure in my knowing. I'm so grateful to be directing my thoughts. I'm so grateful for the breakfast I had, I'm going to be so energized for pump! I'm so grateful we get to lift weights! I'm going to go up! I'm so grateful for my big muscles! I'm so grateful to be in shape! I'm so grateful fitness comes so easily! I'm so grateful I feel powerful and confident and playful!

Jessica, I love you exactly the way you are. Whatever you want is ok. Whatever you do is ok. Everything is ok.

I'm so grateful for the power of appreciation and intention. I'm so grateful I spent time appreciating creativity last night, and then we got to spend all night making a collaborative art project with 4 other friends! It was so perfect! I'm so grateful I intended to flow through the day, and that's exactly what happened! I'm so grateful I'm learning to not DO anything if I'm not compelled/inspired! I'm so grateful my dad called to help me fix my crazy cruizer. I'm so grateful for my dad, he's so nice! I'm so grateful for him, he's so generous!

I'm so grateful for the vibration of abundance and power. I'm so grateful everything is working out for me. I'm so grateful everything already did work out for me. I'm so grateful for the power of thought direction. I'm so grateful for meditation. I'm so grateful for focus. I'm so grateful for the love and joy I feel every day!

Wouldn't it be nice to flow even more gracefully today? Wouldn't it be nice to focus and appreciate? Wouldn't it be nice to practice loving myself unconditionally? Jessica, I love you exactly the way you are.

How am I expanding?
I want flow. I want to appreciate. I want unconditional love. I want fun. I want laughter and jokes. I want ease. I want control of my vibration. I want to get some sun! I want to spend more time outside.

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What I want to feel

  • Flow

Today I intend to be present. Today I intend to love myself exactly the way I am. Today I intend to lay it on thick. Today I intend to play hard. Today I intend to use my power and practice my magick. Today I intend to be the coolest girl I know. Today I intend to go with the flow. Today I intend to let life live me.

I love Kelly! I love poker! I love Astrojax! I love my friends! I love my family! I love hooping! I love body pump! I love the Y! I love our unicorn! I love my funfile! I love bluehost referrals! I love how all you have to do is GET IN THE VORTEX AND THEN! I love how all I have to do is think about what I want, and just thinking about my specific desire feels so good, and then I can forget about it, and then the manifestation comes! The satisfaction comes from discerning preferences, that's our only work! We don't have to DO anything to get the stuff we want, it's created when we develop the preference. The joy of life is having new desires and figuring out what they are! They are created as soon as we think of them!

Things I appreciate

I appreciate the way everything unfolds perfectly when I let go. I appreciate how it's pretty easy & formulaic to get what I want. I appreciate getting opportunities to practice my magick. I appreciate how I can choose to feel good first, before I have any plans or things to be excited about, and then the perfect plans and things to be excited about come. I appreciate how everything works out perfectly when I let it. I appreciate when I am open to new opportunities. I appreciate when the things I want come to me. I appreciate how all I have to do is think about what I want and forget about it, and just feel as good and have as much fun as possible. I appreciate that it's easy to be in the flow! I appreciate how easy it is to let go and be happy no matter what! I appreciate that Jessica, I love you exactly the way you are!

I appreciate the feeling of flow. I appreciate how when I'm deep in flow, synchronicities come so fast that I'm already caught up in the next one when the last one is still manifesting. All these incredible things happen and I barely care because there is so much to be excited about. I appreciate being so deep in flow, so deep in the vortex, that the good manifestations just keep pouring in! I appreciate how when I feel good because I'm around friends and love, money just FLOWS! and I never have to think about it! When I'm in the flow, I don't even care about the money pouring in, and it just keeps coming!

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