I’m so grateful for the flow mindset [gathering momentum]

I’m so grateful for the flow mindset [gathering momentum]

I am so grateful I am getting better at practicing unconditional love. I am so grateful for espresso and everything bagels. I'm so grateful Kelly does so many of the chores. I'm so grateful I'm getting better at not judging my experience. I'm so grateful for the life of freedom I created for myself. I'm so grateful I'm so educated. I'm so grateful I'm getting better at managing my beliefs. I'm so grateful I get to choose what I believe. I'm so grateful it gets easier and easier every day. I'm so grateful for order in my consciousness. I'm so grateful I get to choose how I feel.

Wouldn't it be nice to be more focused and do less work? Wouldn't it be nice to write an article today? Wouldn't it be nice to hoop some more and play AJ? Wouldn't it be nice to get better at thinking myself into alignment? Wouldn't it be nice to go with the flow and let it unfold?

How am I expanding?
I want Vibram boots in size 38 black. I want a tutu making machine. I want to make those hoops I've been meaning to make. I want to make meaningful work. I want to get better at thought direction. I want to have fun. I want to feel my best. I want to work towards the greatest good. I want to love and appreciate my body the way it is. I want to say yes to what is.

I want to see aliens. I want entirely new thoughts. I want adventure. I want trippy ass shit to go down. I want to live in real time. I want more life experience, haha. I want focus and flow. I want more lucid dreams. I want to be more lucid while awake. I want to be more conscious for longer.

I want to fly. I want to go to space. I want to go to the bottom of the ocean. I want to travel everywhere with my cats in my pocket. I want to be able to miniaturize anything. I want a matter compiler. I want AJ to be the most popular toy in the world. I want to make music. I want to remember that everything is a flow activity. I want to be in the flow mindset more.

I want to feel inspired. I want to feel energized. I want to feel blissful.

I want to get my bike fixed. I want to read the books on my bedside table. I want to enchant and mesmerize. I want to lead with my example. I want to uplift. I want to practice my magick.

I want to remember that it's all me. I'm the one in control, and everything is a reflection of my vibration. I want to remember it's only me. There is only one.

I want to remember what I know. I know I am vibration. I know I am god. I know my thoughts create. I know I chose this physical reality trip because it's fun. I know nothing is serious. I know everything is perfect and in its place.

Jessica, I love you exactly the way you are. You don't have to do anything or change anything. You're already perfect.

I want to practice winking. I want new experiences. I want new thoughts.

It's whatever you want. So what do you want?

What I want to feel today

  • Flow. In podcasting. In kickboxing. In cooking. In eating. In writing. In playing. In meditating. In breathing. In conversation. Everywhere. I choose the flow mindset. Everything is effortless in the vortex.

Today I intend to attract new thoughts. I intend to be in the Now. I intend to practice not caring if I get what I want. I intend to flow. I intend to love unconditionally. I intend to let go.

I love my oracle!

Things I appreciate
I appreciate Astrojax. I appreciate that playing Astrojax has been my daily hobby for almost 8 months. I appreciate that I like a toy enough to play with it hours every day. I appreciate how weird that is. I appreciate how I never could have planned that or predicted it. I appreciate what a solution Astrojax have been for me. I appreciate how Astrojax have taught me how to dance. I appreciate that the first time I consciously felt flow was playing AJ. I appreciate that Astrojax is fun no matter how deeply you want to think about it. I appreciate that AJ is A SUPER DEEP TOY. I appreciate that it's just a toy. I appreciate that it taught me everything is just a toy. I appreciate how good I am now! I appreciate that I can be an AJ vendor now! I appreciate how AJ balls feel in my hands. I appreciate the nylon string. I appreciate how delicious they feel. I appreciate how I know how to take them apart and make custom sets. I appreciate how playing AJ always makes me feel better. I appreciate how it's a creative toy.

I appreciate that AJ is so fun to play with music. I appreciate that AJ is like getting to play with a waveform in your hands. I appreciate that AJ illustrates thought. I appreciate how deep in flow I've gone with AJ. I appreciate how I get better every single time I pick them up. I appreciate how good a broken-in set feels. I appreciate how much AJ made me think about life. I appreciate how much they've taught me. I appreciate how easy it is to get other people to play. I appreciate how every single person I have ever introduced to AJ has liked it. I appreciate how universal they are. I appreciate how they can help anyone feel flow as soon as they pick them up. I appreciate how they're kind of mysterious. I appreciate how it's like a yoyo-Rubik's cube. I appreciate how much AJ teaches about physics and the way things work.

I appreciate it when I feel like I did in high school. I appreciate feeling powerful and sexy. I appreciate feeling like every day is a brand new adventure with new things to try and rules to break. I appreciate feeling rebellious and in control of my physical reality. I appreciate it when I am fearless. I appreciate it when I feel sexy and in control of my vibration. I appreciate it when I feel attractive. I appreciate it when my thoughts are attractive. I appreciate being telepathic. I appreciate being GOD! I appreciate how much I practice. I appreciate feeling like I did when I was 17 SO MUCH. Man there were some good feelings then. I appreciate the feeling of newness and adventure. I appreciate the feeling of novelty and risk. I appreciate the feeling of reckless love. I appreciate the feeling of acting like I know what's going on, and then knowing what's going on! I appreciate how being the oldest child made me learn how to act as if.

I appreciate it when I take the time to appreciate and it makes me feel soooo good every time. I appreciate choosing to feel inspired and excited and then going on facebook and seeing things that inspire me and make me excited. I appreciate how fun life is. I appreciate how focused thought direction is SO POWERFUL! I appreciate being in brand new situations and being a pro. I appreciate being an observer and listener. I appreciate being so open minded. I appreciate how I used to be scared of losing my mind and then I learned that I don't need my mind all the time anyway. I appreciate how good focusing feels.

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