The Scientific Method to Getting What You Want

The Scientific Method to Getting What You Want

Thanks Shawn!

Everyone has her own way of explaining how the law of attraction works. Here's mine.

1. Think about what you want, just like ordering from a menu. Sometimes it's more effective to think about the feeling you want instead of the physical manifestation.

2. Don't negate your desire with resistant thoughts. (I want this, BUT... I don't deserve it... people would judge me for wanting it... I don't know how to get it...) Resistant thoughts literally cancel your order.

3. Totally FORGET about your desire by finding another way to feel good (writing, exercising, meditating, creating, socializing, playing, etc). This is another way to say "let go" or "don't care if you get it or not."

Think about what you want, then forget about it by distracting yourself with other things that feel good. The faster you forget, the faster it will come. Could it be any easier?

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
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