So grateful for huge orders of Astrojax! [gathering momentum]

So grateful for huge orders of Astrojax! [gathering momentum]

I am so grateful my order of 115 Astrojax came today! I'm so grateful they sent demo AJs and batteries! I'm so grateful the people at Active People are so helpful and friendly! I'm so grateful we get to go to kb today! I'm so grateful we get to skip pump to get my haircut! I'm so grateful I had a smoothie in the fridge! I'm so grateful we get to meditate! I'm so grateful for hot showers and flow toys and universal grocery lists and Pandora!

I'm so grateful I can choose focus. I'm so grateful I know what I know. I'm so grateful I know I'm vibration and that thoughts create. I know I am in control of everything in my life experience.

Wouldn't it be nice to get that vendor license tomorrow? Wouldn't it be nice to get the perfect haircut? Wouldn't it be nice to make a gathering momentum app? Wouldn't it be nice to write about the power of prepaving? Wouldn't it be nice to feel energized and flowing and powerful today?!

How am I expanding?
I am confident, powerful, euphoric and flowing. I have a perfect physical body and infinite resources. I am taken care of. I have fun everywhere I go. I trust that every single thing in my reality is trying to help me. I trust that everything is a solution. I trust that everything is unfolding perfectly.

I am healthy and excited to be alive. I am charming and bewitching. I am powerful beyond measure. Whatever I desire is mine, instantly.

I let it unfold. My Astrojax business is blowing up! Today is the best day of my life. I am energized and focused and free and confident and fun! I am silly and laughing and making jokes! I am playful and clowning and beautiful and enchanting! Everything in my life is perfect and in its place!

I allow well being. I let it unfold. I don't have to DO anything. My mood is my work. This is the main event!

I am prolific and ceaselessly creative. I am doing my best work. My work communicates the vibration of knowing.
I am beautiful, inspired, confident, euphoric, knowing, flowing, and powerful.
I am at peace with what is. I say yes to what is.
I am in the flow. I choose to be in the flow.
I love myself unconditionally. I love the world around me unconditionally. Everything is perfect and in its place.

What I want to feel today

  • Power
  • Confidence
  • Flow
  • Playfulness/silliness/fun/laughter
  • Synchronicity. This is the trip. Welcome to the next level.

Today I intend to let go. Today I intend to have fun. Today I intend to feel my best. Today I intend to direct my thoughts. Today I intend to ride the wave. Today I intend to be a cooperative component. Today I intend to allow well being. Today I intend to direct my experience. Today I intend to love. Today I intend to laugh. Today I intend to be playful! Today I intend to have fun. Today I intend to look for the fun and play and joy and laughter in everything. Today I intend to love my life. Today I intend to further embrace my power. Today I intend to practice my god tricks. Today I intend to keep writing. Today I intend to keep focusing. Today I intend to think about what I want. Today I intend to practice. Today I intend to gather momentum. Today I intend to flow!

I love focusing. I love prepaving. I love knowing what I know. I love practicing. I love that I got an order of 115 Astrojax in the mail! I love where I live! I love my wife! I love my life!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • anniegoddard

    Blimey if this isn’t proof that this stuff works I don’t what is! I’ve been thinking that I need up my own game a bit; sure I’ve had success with smaller things. I manifested myself a new NHS dentist (it’s cheaper in Blighty to get a National Health Dentist – going private is very expensive) first practice I applied to I got in and usually you have to wait a good few months before getting one. And other things.

    I’ve taken inspiration from here and Sara’s piece on doing Epic Shit. I’ve taken my time with this, rather than thinking, I’ll do this, this and this. I want to challenge myself yeah, but it’s got to be something that I want to do and would enjoy doing (even if it’s scary) or else what’s the point? I might include something like finding readers for blog. I gave mine an overhaul and changed the name of it slightly. I do love writing on there – but conversely it’s just been like a journal for me. And it has been effective in helping to manifest things. I guess I’m a private person and sharing something of myself is something that scares me. But we’ll see.

    Anyway congrats on your success with Astrojax!

  • jessica mullen

    Hi Annie! Thank you so much for the comment! I’m so glad your site is helping. What is your new URL?

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