How To Remember You Are God

kelly's mandala

How To Remember You Are God

kelly's mandala
Thanks Kelly!

The one thing you were born with is the knowing that you are god. Sometimes you forget that, because you get caught up in the illusion of reality. But deep down, you know you are special. You know you are powerful. You know you are perfect. And you know there is much more to life than what you can see.

We are all god. Everything around you–that's god. This moment is god. When I learned that "God doesn't make junk" in Catholic school, I had no idea how true it was. Everything, whether your mind judges it to be good or bad, is an expression of god in physical form. There is nothing that isn't god.

Two nights ago I read philosopher Alan Watts' creation story that he told children. It is the clearest, most plausible creation story I've ever heard. I finally feel at peace with who I am. My search for the meaning of life is over. I am god. The entire point of life is remembering that. We came here to experience the thrill of waking up, as god, in the playground of physical reality.

To be conscious means to be aware that you are creating your life with your mind. It's the same thing as "being god". Once you get a taste of this knowledge and power, it's impossible to turn around and go back to living by default, where life just happens to you. Nothing happens to you. You created all of this. Because you are god.

How can I remember I am god?

It doesn't matter if you ever feel like you're god or not, because you are either way and you'll remember when you die. But as long as you're here, why not try it?

To remember that you are god means to achieve a state of inner peace and knowing that all is well. Everything is perfect and in its place. This moment, right NOW, is the main event. To have the knowing that you are god means you are able to step outside of your mind and simply observe, rather than react. To be god means to be okay with any outcome or condition; that is the basis of unconditional love. Your mind will try to resist and doubt that you are god and all is well, but you are much more powerful than your mind. As god, you have access to infinite intelligence. You ARE infinite intelligence.

Abraham-Hicks calls that state of knowing "the vortex". Abraham puts it simply: your mood is your work. The better your mood, the more love you feel, the closer you are to that state of knowing. When you feel bliss, joy, and power, you feel as god does. You are in alignment with the big picture.

The only way to feel like god is to practice until you get there. We have trained our minds to think that we are imperfect, incomplete, and damaged. We have been told we're wrong, or bad, or ugly or inappropriate. Changing a lifetime of thinking like that takes practice. But there is nothing to "undo". Each new thought is an opportunity to create differently; you just have to choose it. Making the choice is the only thing you need to practice. Once you start thinking better feeling thoughts, you attract better feeling thoughts and it gets easier and easier. But it's up to you to practice choosing the thoughts you desire. The thoughts you choose literally create your life experience. You have all the power, and you don't have to lift a finger to access it. You just have to practice thinking the way you want to think.

My favorite god tricks

Remembering you are god is like learning magic tricks. With a magic trick, you practice until it looks real. To remember you are god, you practice until it feels real. The more you practice, the more tricks you can do and the more amazing your magic looks. These are the ways I practice remembering what I know. The more I practice, the more joy, love, and power I experience. The more I practice, the easier it gets to be completely at peace with all that is.

You can call the below list ways to practice feeling good, or ways to practice feeling god. It's the same thing. The more you practice, the more you'll remember what you already know.

  • Gratitude. When I think about what I am grateful for, my thoughts attract more thoughts of gratitude, and begin creating more experiences to be grateful for.
  • Meditation. When I stop thought altogether, I am consciously connected to infinite intelligence. Stopping thought is a way to charge your energy stores and release negativity. It is one of the easiest, most powerful ways to find peace. When I take the time to meditate and remember "oh yeah, I don't have to DO anything, and there is truly no rush" I find the world arranging itself around my needs and desires, rather than me having to find a way to arrange myself in the world. If I make time to meditate, the world makes time for me.
  • Appreciation. When I appreciate, my value increases as well as the value of the thing I’m appreciating. When I appreciate, I find more about the topic to appreciate. Appreciation is also a way to communicate telepathically. When you focus on what you appreciate about someone, the next time you see her it will be as if she had heard you. However you think about someone is how you are creating her, and she will always reflect what you are projecting.
  • Generosity. When I give, I receive. Since we are all one, giving to you is the same as giving to myself, except now there is double, because we both get to experience the feeling of abundance.
  • Thinking about what I want and LETTING GO of each desire. When I ask, and believe, I receive. Instantly. The only thing preventing you from getting what you want are resistant thoughts and negativity. When you truly let go of something, that means you don't care if you get it or not. You're okay with any outcome. And when you release that resistance, the outcome you desire has no choice but to come. When you let go of thoughts like "I really need that," your thoughts stop creating a reality where you remain in a state of need.
  • Thinking the thoughts I would think if I had what I wanted. Thoughts create. If I think and act as if I already have what I want, it has no choice but to come.
  • Practicing feelings. We often turn to philosophy when we feel bad - and try things like "being present". But if you are present when you feel good, not just when you feel bad, you get to bask in and milk the delicious feeling you want more of. ANY time you feel really good, be present. Take note of every detail, so you can remember what it feels like when you don't feel as good later. If you can remember that feeling and practice it, you'll get to experience it more and more.
  • Play. The universe is playful. God is playful. The entire premise of reality is that god is playing hide and seek with himself. Any form of play is a direct connection to god. Flirt. Play with flow toys. Pretend. Be with children. NOTHING in life is serious. It's all just supposed to be fun. When you play, you remember that!
  • Art. Drawing mandalas is like drawing a fractal by hand. Doodling releases your inner creative flow. Any sort of self expression that feels good is a brilliant illustration of your creative power.
  • Exercise. Moving your body gets you out of your mind and into the Now. It always feels good. When you exercise, you allow your body to do what it knows how to do. You get to experience the bliss of having a physical body. And you don't have to think much!
  • Look for clues. Everything in your reality is a reflection of your thoughts and feelings. But even if that reality is reflecting negative thoughts, it is still trying to help you. When you see something you don't like, be aware that you put it there, and it is a blessed indicator helping you to know to think differently. Be present and watch your reality. What is it trying to tell you? What thoughts is it reflecting? What is the solution?
  • Be in the Now/the Vortex/the flow. When I am present and feeling good, I am in a state of openness and allowing. I am able to see and accept gifts from the universe. I am able to flow with well being. I am able to let life live me. All of these tricks are just ways to be in the Now. The Now truly is the main event. Welcome to heaven.
Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Katrina

    I love the image! :D I drew a map of an imaginary city I was creating for a story and that map had the same layout! xoxo

  • Allison Koberstein

    Is there a difference between gratitude and appreciation?

  • Eirini

    What a post! Thank youfor reminding us our true nature,Jessica!

  • jessica mullen

    Allison, I think gratitude and appreciation achieve the same high vibration. But they are different routes to the same thing. Also, gratitude seems to be something you feel for things you already have, while you can appreciate anything whether you have it or not.

  • Jannie Ruppersberg

    Great article! Imagine everyone on the planet can realize that they are indeed God! The world will be such a different place.

    “As the wave is part of the sea
    and the sea is all of the wave
    So I am part of God
    And God is all of me…”

    We (Creation) are All (God) in this together
    We (God) are in All this (Creation) together

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