My mood is my work & there is only Now. Easy! [gathering momentum]

My mood is my work & there is only…

I am so grateful for the library. I am so grateful for signs of my abundant vibration all around me. Gifts in the mail. New recipes when I was just looking for them! My favorite song playing. Actresses on postcards about pet adoption - when I was just watching a show with that actress and talking about pet adoption.

I'm so grateful for the constant synchronicity. I am so grateful I can choose to feel good. I am so grateful for spinach smoothies. I am so grateful for the Now. I am so grateful we have class today. I am so grateful I am learning to be fearless. I am fearless. It's easy. I'm so grateful for my universal grocery list. I'm so grateful for prompts to notice good things.

I'm so grateful the Now is a choice. I can be here if I want. It's easy. There is only now.

My vision
We are all magicians. Life is pure craziness. In the best possible way.

Wouldn't it be nice to write about magick tricks?

How am I expanding?
I am energized. I feel wonderful. I am in the best mood of my life. I am focused. I am alive. I am conscious. I am in the now. I choose the thoughts I want to think.

I choose to feel good. I feel silly, and confident, and free. Everything is working out for me. Everything is unfolding perfectly. Everything is a solution. Everything is an indicator. I say yes to what is.

I am playful. I am joyful. I am excited to be alive. I am excited to see how this day unfolds. I am excited to be in the Now. I am so grateful to be physical. I am so grateful to be in this beautiful physical body.

I am able to flow whenever I choose. Whatever medium I choose to flow in, I find it effortless and instant. I am able to release resistance instantly. I can let go. I am free of resistance.

Everything is going my way. I have so much going for me. I am beautiful, strong, healthy, and fit. I am intelligent, inspired, creative and positive. I am an excellent designer, philosopher and mystic. I love myself unconditionally. I see through the eyes of source. I meditate every day. I exercise every day. I practice flow every day. I play every day. I love. I smile. I laugh. I don't take things too seriously. I am joyful. I am light. I am leading with my light. I am free. I know so much. I am filled with knowing.

I am attractive, confident and playful. I am inspired, flowing, and knowing. I am kind and generous. I am loved and loving. I am light.

What I want to feel today

  • Knowing. I know everything is perfect and in its place. I know everything is working out. I know everything is an indicator of my vibration. I know my reality is just a reflection of my emotions. I know life is supposed to be fun. I know feeling good feels good. I know my thoughts create. I know we are all one. I know that when I give, I receive. I know that whatever I project is what I get back.
  • Flow & presence. I wonder what thought I'll have next?
  • Joy. Life feels good. I love being alive. I am so excited to see how this day unfolds!
  • Synchronicity. It's all just an average of my thoughts. This is a TRIP.
  • Love. I love myself unconditionally. I love those around me unconditionally.
  • Playfulness & light

Today I intend to play. Today I intend to remember that my mood is my work. Today I intend to love myself unconditionally. Today I intend to feel attractive and playful. Today I intend to let go. Today I intend to love my life. Today I intend to remember there is only Now.

I love choosing focus. I love that writing elevates my mood every single time. I love that I feel so good. I love that it comes down to a simple choice - do I want to feel good or not? It's just a choice. It's so easy to choose to live in the Now. It's EASY to release thought. It's EASY to feel good. It is my natural state. I release awareness of all negativity. My mood is my work. I love that my mood is my work. I love where I am right now. I love choosing to feel good. I love that it's all a choice. It's all up to me. It's whatever I want.

Play. Flirting. Laughing. Jokes. Fun. Sweat. Sun. Euphoria. Confidence. Power. Inspiration. Creating. Effortlessness.

I want to practice my magick. Here are my tricks:

  • Gratitude. When I am grateful, I find more to be grateful for.
  • Meditation. I gain power from connecting to infinite intelligence. I charge up.
  • Appreciation. When I appreciate, my value increases as well as the value of the thing I'm appreciating. When I appreciate, I find more about the topic to appreciate.
  • Generosity. When I give, I receive. Since we are all one, giving to you is the same as giving to myself, except now there is double, because we both get to experience abundance whereas before I gave, only I had the abundance.
  • Thinking about what I want and LETTING GO of each desire. When I ask, and believe, I receive. Instantly.
  • Letting go. The number one way to mess up magick is to hold onto resistance or negativity.
  • Thinking the thoughts I would think if I had what I wanted. Thoughts create. If I think and act as if I already have what I want, it has no choice but to come.
  • Being in the Now, in the Vortex, in the flow, feeling good. When I am present and feeling good, I am in a state of openness and allowing. I am able to see and accept gifts from the universe. I am able to flow with well being. I am able to let life live me.

Things I appreciate

I appreciate Kelly. I appreciate how clean she keeps our place. I appreciate her humor and her good attitude. I appreciate her back rubs. I appreciate her peacefulness. I appreciate her smile. I appreciate her laugh. I appreciate her jokes. I appreciate her fearlessness.

I appreciate myself. I appreciate my diligence. I appreciate my intelligence. I appreciate my practice. I appreciate my trained mind. I appreciate my style. I appreciate my smile. I appreciate my laugh and my voice. I appreciate my kindness and generosity. I appreciate my dedication to feeling good. I appreciate my flow.

Today's affirmations / thoughts to bookmark

  • My mood is my work.
  • There is only Now.
  • I let life live me.
Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.