I’m so grateful I can choose to direct my thoughts

I’m so grateful I can choose to direct my…

I'm so grateful for this awesome day. I'm so grateful I know I can let go and go with the flow. I'm so grateful I know that I used to spend too much time thinking about problems. I'm so grateful I know what I know. The more you let go, the more it flows. It's seriously true. For real. For real. For real. For real. For real. Everything is going my way. AJ vending is happening. I have my health. I have Kelly. I feel inspired and inspiring. I am making real vibrational progress, that I now realize I had been afraid of. It can be scary to embrace power. But it's SO FUN.

I'm so grateful for cooked food. I'm so grateful for refrigerators. I'm so grateful we got to spend the evening with Joy and Josh!!! I'm so grateful we got to help Joy unpack. I'm so grateful it was so much fun. I'm so grateful she invited us over. I'm so grateful to be getting to know her better. I'm so grateful for all the cute times she acted like she used to when she was a kid. I'm so grateful I get to spend so much time with my sister. I'm so grateful for my family. I'm so grateful Kelly and Joy get along so well. I'm so grateful to be taking the time to write. It is so energizing, like nothing else. I'm so grateful to feel this trance state. I'm so grateful I feel so good and powerful and in control. I'm so grateful writing is just like meditating - sometimes I might not feel like doing it but 5 minutes in I always experience genuine transformation in my mood. Every single time. Writing and meditating - focusing - are always worth it. Always. Every time. Just like sleep! I'm so grateful I know how important sleep is. I'm so grateful I know that's a limiting belief that I can choose to release over time. I'm so grateful I'm so conscious and aware. I'm so grateful to feel so bright.

I am bright. I am shining so brightly. I can feel it. I'm so grateful that meditation has become so much more rewarding just the past 2 days. I'm so grateful that when I choose to make vibrational progress, and stop fighting myself, it happens very, very quickly. Vibrational progress happens instantly. I let go of my need to hear back about something, and then I hear back immediately. Every single time.

I appreciate my sister Joy so much. I appreciate her adventurous spirit. I appreciate her pure desire to have fun. I appreciate the choices she makes. I appreciate that she listens to herself. I appreciate that she likes having us around so much. I appreciate what a good hostess she is. I appreciate how close she lives to us now! I appreciate her new apartment. I appreciate her childlike enthusiasm! It's almost like I forgot about it until tonight! She is so much fun. I love her so much.

I'm so grateful to choose to focus. I'm so grateful for the emotional transformations that occur every single time. I'm so grateful I am choosing to make vibrational progress. I am so grateful I have been able to let go more and more resistance. I'm so grateful all I have to do to get what I want is practice new thought patterns.

I'm so grateful I'm so in control of my vibration. I'm so grateful to be conscious. I'm so grateful to feel powerful. I'm so grateful for meditation! I'm so grateful for my new method! I'm so grateful how powerful it makes me feel!

I'm so grateful for my focus. I'm so grateful I am embracing my power. I'm so grateful to be choosing the thoughts I want to think.

I'm shining brighter than ever. I speak with complete conviction and knowing. I emanate love and kindness. I smile at everyone I see. When I feel bad, I get excited to find the lesson about to be revealed. I think about what I want. I have a perfect physical body. I have infinite resources. I have love flowing to me from every direction. I am becoming more articulate. I radiate my knowing. I exist in a state of knowing. This is real, as real as anything can be. I choose the thoughts I want to think. It gets so much easier. It gets so much easier. It becomes a habit. For life.

It gets so much easier. I have stopped negating my positive thoughts with doubt. I have stopped saying "I want this, but..." I have clarity in my vibration about what I want and who I am. I am confident. I am knowing. I am so conscious. Even when I was crying earlier today (throwing a tantrum because I was tired), I was able to stand back and watch myself with amusement. I realized I was crying because it felt good to release all the tension in my face. It was barely an emotional experience at all. It felt like a bodily function. I didn't get lost in my thoughts. I just kept thinking about what I want. "I want to think about all the GOOD things! I want to feel better! I want to feel good and have fun! I want to feel rested! I want to stop my thoughts for a while so I can let go of these absurd negative thoughts I've been having!" I took a nap and all was well - but the important part was that even though I was crying, I still "knew" who I was, I still felt peaceful, I still felt knowing. It felt like a hardware upgrade. It felt like release. It felt good. I didn't feel bad for feeling bad. I rode it out. And I stayed conscious. I stayed conscious. I stayed conscious.

I have released so much fear about power. I am in alignment with my physical body. I can read signals much more clearly now. I see through the illusion more and more. I go deeper every day. I embrace my power. I embrace my power. I embrace my power.

I am excited. I am confident. I am light. It gets so much easier! I could scream it I'm so happy! It gets easier! It becomes a habit! It becomes easier and easier to use thought patterns I want, and forget the old ones! There is nothing to un-do! I am getting so much better! It happens INSTANTLY! I'm getting so good at thinking about what I want, and then remembering to LET GO. That's the key! I just have to REMEMBER to think about what I want and let go! Sometimes I remember to think about what I want, or to let go, but I've just recently begun remembering to do them BOTH at the same time! It's like a dream! It really is magick! If you can think about what you want and truly let the desire go (not care if it happens or not) and keep feeling good, the thing you want will come so fast! It won't come the way you pictured usually, but it's often way easier and better!

I am a conscious creator! I made it! I'm here! It feels so good! Everything is going my way! WHEN I EXPERIENCE CONTRAST I GET EXCITED ABOUT THE LESSON ABOUT TO BE REVEALED! Everything is a puzzle! It's the deepest trip imaginable! Every single aspect of reality is a puzzle, a game to be played! It's just universe vs universe, consciousness vs consciousness. Except it's not competitive, every move wins... I guess it's more like universe vs mind, and when you stop playing with your mind and start using the universe, SHIT STARTS GOING SO WELL. It becomes so easy. To know that I am not my thoughts, to KNOW I AM NOT MY THOUGHTS, is the most empowering thought-form I've experienced recently.

I am so powerful. I m so powerful. I am so powerful. I am so powerful. I am so powerful.

Power from meditation.
Power from practice.
Power from feeling good.

I have it all. I am here. I made it. I am conscious, and I have tipped the scale from mostly negative to mostly positive thoughts. I have cleaned up my vibration in so many areas that have plagued me for years. I am so practiced. I am so powerful. I am in alignment.

I want to feel more and more powerful. Confidence and power. Confidence and power. Knowing. I'm so grateful to be practicing knowing while I already feel it. It sure makes it easier. Milking it.

Everything is perfect and in its place. I am the happiest girl in the world. I'm here.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.