I’m so grateful I can let go

I’m so grateful I can let go

I'm so grateful for synchronicities all around me. I'm so grateful I got to give AJ presents yesterday. I'm so grateful for the y. I'm so grateful I was able to go to kickboxing! I'm so grateful for my healthy body. I'm so grateful I know to think about what I want. I'm so grateful I'm so observant of my mood now. I'm so grateful I've been writing down my dreams. I'm so grateful for the delicious progress I am experiencing. I'm so grateful for the full body massage Kelly gave me today! I'm so grateful for pwny being cute. I'm so grateful for articles that confirm my beliefs. One of the awesomest ways to experiment with law of attraction is to pick something you want to believe, health wise, and then wait for the articles confirming your belief to roll in.

I'm so grateful to be awake and alive during the day. I'm so grateful for tv show recommendations. I'm so grateful to be in the vortex!! I'm so grateful I know what I know!

I know my thoughts create. Whatever I believe is true.

I am a perfect, brilliant creator. My life is unfolding perfectly. I am completely in control of my experience because I am in complete control of my thoughts.

I am allowing well being. There is only this moment - I dont have to think about the future at all. The future does not exist. There is only now.

In this moment I am basking in the pleasure of being awake during the day. I am free to do whatever I want, which includes filling out lists of delicious synchronicities that have been occurring all day every day.

I am enjoying the company of my wife, I feel physically healthy and happy. I am wearing cute clothes and typing about things I like. I am the happiest girl in the world. Everything is working out for me.

There is only now. I am so grateful I know that. I'm so grateful for this time to focus. I'm so grateful I know to take advantage of the time!!

I am so in love. I am so blissed out on the possibilities available to me. I am so blessed. Everything is going my way.

Today is the best day of my life. I am confident in my body's abilities to take care of itself. I am confident in my knowledge that to get what I want, I must forget I want it. I am confident. I know. I know I am creating all of this and my reality is a reflection of my emotions.

I'm allowing well being. I say yes to what is. I am letting go. It's ok. I'm ok. I'm doing everything right. Everything is perfect and in its place. I have no worries. There is only now. Right now I choose to feel good. I choose feeling good.

Everything is speeding up. We're meant to go fast, but we don't have to DO anything. Just get rid of the trees, the obstacles - then you don't have to slow down.

Yesterday we gave a 5 year old boy a set of astrojax at the mall. He asked, "how do they make magic?" Kelly said, "play with them and find out." He walked away incredulously and said "but I've never figured anything out before." now he'll figure everything out!

Feel good/live in the moment/trust the universe/flow + think about what you want = euphoric conscious creation.

Feel good. Flow. Love. Health. Joy. Fun. Laughter. Sweat. Adventure. Excitement. Synchronicities.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.