I surrender to the flow | gathering momentum

I surrender to the flow | gathering momentum

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I am so grateful for Astrojax! I'm so grateful for my computer which can record awesome AJ videos! I'm so grateful for our podcast as a vehicle for sharing video! I'm so grateful my wife loves AJ as much as I do! I'm so grateful to be awake and alive on this beautiful MonDAY! I'm so grateful to be awake during the day. I'm so grateful to be choosing focus. I'm so grateful we get to go to TURBO KICKBOXING tonight! I'm so grateful I feel ready to go back! I'm so grateful we have so many sets of Astrojax. I'm so grateful to be so excited about a toy. I'm so grateful we recorded an AJ video! I LOVE RECORDING AJ VIDEOS!

Movie Recording
I'm so grateful I can write and focus. I'm so grateful it works every single time. I'm so grateful I know what I know. I know my mood is my work. I know that the better I feel, the better my life unfolds. I know that I can trust the universe. I know I can release all thoughts about anything that bothers me. I know that it feels good to feel good. I know that focusing on things I like in my life is the easiest way to invite more things I like in. I know that life is supposed to be fun. I know that it gets easier every single day to direct my thoughts and enjoy life.

I'm so grateful I chose so much "suffering" when I was younger because it brought me to a point where I got sick of suffering and wanted to look for something better. I'm so grateful I explored suffering and have the life experience to teach me that suffering is not the ideal state of being. I'm so grateful for all my new ideas. I'm so grateful I am so happy now. I'm so grateful it was an easy decision to make - to choose to feel good. To choose to enjoy my life.

I'm so grateful for 32 minutes of focus. I'm so grateful for Kelly. I'm so grateful for cellos and upright basses. I'm so grateful for the 10 sets of AJ on my desk! I'm so grateful to be so into AJ. I'm so grateful it's been such a big part of my life, ever since I first played on December 31. I'm so grateful I am woke. I'm so grateful that I know to rest when it's time to rest.

I'm so grateful I can sleep for days and not feel guilty. I'm so grateful that when I'm done resting, I can approach my life with an unprecedented force. I'm so grateful I go with the flow. I'm so grateful I live in my own version of time. I'm so grateful to trust the universe. I'm so grateful things make more sense by the day. I'm so grateful for my life design practice. I'm so grateful I've seen where we're going. I'm so grateful to be a visionary.

How can it possibly be better? My vision
I have my phone (my unique identifier) strapped to my body and my favorite set of Astrojax around my neck. There are Astrojax hanging from every tree. Toys are everywhere, and we all share. We are all telepathic. We are all caring for each other. When we are around other people, we ask each other how we can help each other. We look at each other with love. We touch and our minds meld together. It's so easy to combine energy.

It's December 2011. Everything is speeding up, so fast. Everything is different now. We can all see through each other like we're transparent jellyfish. We are transitioning to synchronous time, instead of clock time. We feel so good. We are learning so quickly. All the resources everyone needs are downloaded into the mass consciousness and everyone knows.

We are focused on feeling the bliss of our physical bodies combined with the magick of our minds. We can fly and break apart and basically all of reality is one giant entheogenic trip. It already is, but now we're all awake. Now we all can see the flow of the divine pulse. We can SEE the pulse. We can feel it. We are all part of it and it feels so good, we become one organism dancing to the beat.

We are evolving consciousness as a group. We retain our individual perspectives but now have access to the billions of other perspectives. Instantly, effortlessly. We are united. We are so beautiful. We are so playful.

There is no money, only love. Our needs are all met by a combination of technology and love. Technology and love feed us. Technology is just a reflection of our upgraded consciousness. We are magickal. We can do anything. We are floating in a sea of love, making castles and trampolines and Astrojax swings.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to see the flow in everything all day? Wouldn't it be nice to remember the flow is always right here? Wouldn't it be nice to be in the moment, in the flow, all day? Wouldn't it be nice to find more ways to illustrate and communicate the flow? Wouldn't it be nice to light the way today?

How am I expanding?
I am refining my vision. I am open and receptive to my vision. I am a visual channel of love and evolved consciousness. I am in the flow, and I leave a trail of glitter blueprints. I can see the time signatures of music in my Astrojax. I can see the flow all around me. I can't help but see the flow. The flow is all there is. Whenever I need the signal strengthened, I play AJ and the flow pops right back out, like a magic eye book. The flow is always there, you just have to look for it.

The flow is all that matters! Just jump in the flow! It's so easy and effortless! The flow is in your breath, in the blinking of your eyes, in your heartbeat, in every song ever written. The flow orchestrates all rendezvous and events. The flow is the endless supply of constant synchronicity. The flow is right here, right now. The flow is all yours.


I have the power to choose my thoughts. Here are the thoughts I want to think today:
I live in the flow. I lead with my light. I illustrate the flow. I provide an example so that others may see it's possible to live in flow. I have perfect timing, I have universal timing. I am focused and inspired. I know exactly what to do, say, and think. I always have the solution.

I am perfect and beautiful. Everything is perfect and in its place. Everything is a solution and I am a vibrational match to the solutions. I have released all awareness of topics I have resistance to. I am releasing more and more resistance by the moment. My job is to release resistance and feel good.

I choose to release resistance. My power comes in my ability to release resistance. My power comes from my ability to go with the flow. My power comes from my focus and my connection to source. I am connected to source and I am a physical body. I get the joy of the physical experience combined with divine knowing. I know that life is good and that it is speeding up and that everything is meant to be good, and fun, and loving.

We are meant to go fast. We are meant to enjoy as much as we can. We are meant to flow from one synchronous experience to another. We are meant to have perfect timing. We are meant to live on universal time. We are meant to see through the illusion, to enjoy the fact that we get to live in an illusion. We are meant to go from illusion to enlightenment. We came here for the thrill of finding our power and seeing what it can do.

I am infinitely powerful. We are all infinitely powerful. We are in control of every moment of our experience. There is only now.

I choose to embrace my power by letting go. I choose to let go of all negative thought and feeling. I choose love and empowerment and flow and excitement. I choose appreciation and knowing. I choose to have fun. I choose to be excited about being alive. I choose the thoughts I want to think and all of my reality reflects those thoughts.

I have everything I want. I am flowing. I am in the flow. All I could ever want is to live in flow. I trust the flow. I am the flow. There is only flow.

Today I expect to flow. Today I expect everything to unfold perfectly, like it always does. Today I expect to have the best day of my life.

What I want to feel today

  • Flow. Synchronicity. Goosebumps. It happens so fast. Let go. Get caught up in it. Surrender to the flow.
  • Creative inspiration. Knowing exactly how to communicate what I know.

Today I intend to LIVE IN THE FLOW.

Today I intend to be a guide. Today I intend to lead with my light. Today I intend to BE LIGHT.

Today I intend to flow. Today I intend to love every moment. Today I intend to say yes to what is. Today I intend to ride the wave. Today I intend to bask in the glory of physical reality. Today I intend to refine my vision.

I am a guide. I am a light. I am the flow. I am in sync with the pulse of god.

I am leading with my light. I am on the edge of what's next. I choose to live in my ideal state of being.

I love choosing focus. I love taking the time to write. I love Astrojax. I love that my knee is healed. I love that we recorded an AJ video. I love being excited about Astrojax!!

11 things I'm excited about today

  1. Refining my vision. I am a visual channel!
  2. Contemplating charm bracelets
  3. Being aware of synchronicities
  4. Living in flow
  5. Creating/being a guide to flow
  6. Astrojax videos!!!
  7. Stopping thought
  9. New Pluses in the mail!
  10. Meditating!
  11. Releasing negativity and knowing it's ok to not think about anything that bothers me

Today's affirmations / thoughts to bookmark

  • Surrender to the flow.
  • There is only NOW.
  • I am light.

Links I love

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Katja

    i felt such an amazing rush of energy and flow when i read about your vision! i want your vision to become reality, so much. or, let me rephrase, i want to realise your vision, because at some level, it must already exist. if it can exist in your mind and my mind (and the minds of thousands of people, i’m sure) then why couldn’t it exist outside of our minds as well.

  • jessica mullen

    It’s already on the way! Thank you for your encouragement Katja, you are such a light <3

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