Good morning!!

Good morning!!

I'm so grateful for a full night of sleep on a Friday. I'm so grateful I get to go back to body pump today!!! I'm so grateful I can start working out again! I'm so grateful we get to see our friends!! I'm so grateful it's Saturday! I'm so grateful we had such a good time with my parents yesterday! I'm so grateful my dad liked our sushi! I'm so grateful my parents live so close to me. I'm so grateful for the beautiful country drive we got to take. I'm so grateful for our gym membership. I'm so grateful we're up early enough to meditate! I'm so grateful I live in Texas. I'm so grateful I know my mood is my work! I'm so grateful I have the power to choose thought. I'm so grateful to be diurnal!!!

I am stronger than ever. I am healthy, fit and able to push my body to new limits. I love my body and it's ability to heal. I am a powerful creator and well being is my natural state.

I am confident, playful and excited to be alive! I feel so much relief. I allow well being to flow through my experience and I trust the universe to care for me.

Today I intend to think about what I want. Today I intend to focus on love and joy. Today I intend to be light. Today I intend to be grateful for all I have. Today I intent to love myself unconditionally. Today I intend to be present.

I am conscious and in the now. I wonder what my next thought will be?

I am confident and free. I always get what I want. All of this is for me!

I am light. I am playful and never serious. I choose to have fun and love.

My mood is my work! I love my life and I'm so excited to see this day unfold!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.