Good morning!

Good morning!

I'm so grateful to be awake and alive and doing it all again. I'm so grateful we got to see friends from Illinois last night! I'm so grateful we got to play AJ together and go downtown. I'm so grateful I had plenty of cash for the cab. I'm so grateful for old friends! I'm so grateful for last minute "plans".

I'm so grateful for the wonderful day we had yesterday. I'm so grateful we returned to the Y!!! I'm so grateful I can do the stationary bike! I'm so grateful I can walk so far again already. I'm so grateful for our friends at the Y. I'm so grateful we got to have dinner with our friend. I'm so grateful for vegan fast food.

I'm so grateful we live in an attraction based universe. I'm so grateful for my new fanny pack!!! I'm so grateful for all the wonderful comments and kind words from people about my knee! I'm so grateful for dream valentines.

I'm so grateful for astrojax! I'm so grateful I get to share it with everyone I meet. I'm so grateful for new AJ ideas. I'm so grateful our place is so clean! I'm so grateful for Kelly.

My mood is my work! I'm so excited to see how this day unfolds! I'm so grateful I know it's all just a mirror. I'm so grateful it gets easier by the day to be more conscious and aware of my thoughts. I'm so grateful for thought tools! I'm so grateful thinking "I wonder what my next thought will be?" still resonates so hard.

I'm so grateful for my renewed appreciation of appreciation! I'm so grateful I know the power of appreciation. My new car came from appreciating driving. A visit from a friend came from appreciating the positive aspects of our relationship.

I appreciate the resources I have. I love that I always have more than enough. I love that I always get what I want.

I love my computer. I love my iPhone. I love that I can update my site from anywhere. I love that I leave this email open all morning to add to.

I love astrojax. I love that they have changed my life so much. I love that they taught me how to dance.

I love my site.

I love being better at the game.

I love that I could dance with my astrojax last night for the first time since my knee! I love that I can always find a way to move. I love that when I finally return to my fitness classes, I'll appreciate them so much more. I love that I know fitness is a lifelong endeavor and there is no rush. I love that my body is so strong and resilient.

I love that I've removed so many limiting beliefs. I love that I no longer feel bound by time.

I love that I am so good at directing my thoughts. I love that I can choose to look for the solution in my reality. I love that I can choose a vibration of love and abundance. I love that I can say yes to what is. I love that my mood is my work. I love choosing to feel good. I love overriding negative thoughts with the power of my focus. I love all the reflections of love around me.

I love saying yes to what is. I love looking for ways to be generous.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.