I’m so grateful to be aware of the flow of life | gathering momentum

I’m so grateful to be aware of the flow…

I am so grateful Kelly is changing the sheets! I'm so grateful for spinach smoothies! I'm so grateful for Chiddy Bang! I'm so grateful for astrojax! I'm so grateful Josh invited us over!

I'm so grateful I can choose to feel good first, then see the reflection of that in my reality. I'm so grateful the more I use my leg, the better it gets. I'm so grateful I get to leave the house today! I'm so grateful I have so much I want to do and say and see. I'm so grateful for fresh desires. I'm so grateful for step 1 experiences. I'm so grateful I know my mood is my work! I'm so grateful I know that the more I let go, the more it flows! I'm so grateful I can walk! I'm so grateful I can play AJ! I'm so grateful for AJ!!!!

I'm so grateful I'm getting better and better at directing my thoughts. I'm so grateful I'm getting better at remembering the thoughts I want to think. I'm so grateful for Kelly and astrojax and flow and life and books and ideas and music and melody and hot summer days and pineapple and fresh sheets and caring friends.

  • There is only the task at hand. There is only now.
  • My mood is my work! BE IT, SEE IT!
  • My attention is an amplifier.

I'm so grateful I know what I know. I'm so grateful I trust the universe. I'm so grateful I know everything is a solution. I'm so grateful I know that I can choose to change my thought patterns. I can choose whatever thought patterns I desire. I'm so grateful I know what I know. I know my mood is my work. I know I am vibration. I know that I am both non physical and physical at the same time. I know that I came to this place to love, and enjoy. I came to enjoy cocreating with the flow of the universe. I came to have fun.

I'm so grateful I know what I know. I'm so grateful I know that my thoughts create and I'm the only one in control here. I know that I can sit here and ask myself, "I wonder what my next thought will be?" and instantly be in a meditative state.

I know that life is supposed to be fun. I know that life is supposed to feel good. I know that love is an indicator of connection with source. I know that I can choose to feel love.

How can it possibly be better? The dishes are done, my knee is healed, we have new ideas for projects, I am so inspired! I always place my attention on that which I want, and that which I want more of. My desk is cleaned off and my Shivas are filled and glued! I can hoop! Less possessions. Bicycle fixed. Friends. Remembering my power. AJing into the sunset. Love. Love. Love. I love you.

How am I expanding?
I'm getting stronger and stronger. I'm able to walk further and further. Astrojax welcomes flow into my body and speeds up healing exponentially. I can choose what thoughts I think and therefore which reality I create. I am creating a reality of love, confidence, fun and laughter. I am creating the reality I want to live in by choosing thoughts that feel good. It's so simple. I choose thoughts that feel good and everything in my reality changes. I choose thoughts that feel good and suddenly I can move more. I choose thoughts that feel good and everything unfolds perfectly. I choose thoughts that feel good and I can feel the universal flow of well being flooding every inch of my body. I choose thoughts that feel good and I can breathe more deeply, more easily. I can smile for no reason. I can attract what I want to attract.

I choose the thought patterns I want to think. I know that my thought patterns create my reality. I choose thoughts of health, and love, and euphoria, and flow, and fun. I choose funny thoughts, exciting thoughts, and hopeful thoughts. I choose any thought that feels good. It doesn't matter what the thought is.

And while I choose thoughts that feel good, I eventually come back to the thought that I don't even need to choose thoughts, I can go straight to the feeling I desire. When I practice the feeling I want to feel, I attract thoughts that feel like that. It's easy. It's a back door. It works every single time.

Today I expect everything to unfold perfectly like it always does. Today I expect to work my magick.

What I want to feel today

  • Flow.
  • Confidence.
  • Love. Unconditional love for everyone. Looking for the BEST for everyone. We are all one. We are all one. We are all one. Dualness is an illusion. We are all one.
  • Freedom. I can do anything and go anywhere I want.

Today I intend to feel good no matter what.

I love thinking about how eating well, sleeping a lot, and exercising a lot are lower level operations that really keep things (conscious creation) running smoothly. I feel like I was running the lower levels so smoothly, then I got up in the upper levels and it was so fun, I was going so fast! But then my lower levels needed attention but I kept going... basically I needed sleep... and I fell off that wave! But the cool thing is LEARNING!!!!! The cool thing is knowing that I'll do it so much better next time! The cool thing is being able to handle contrast and stay in a good mood! The cool thing is that next time the wave is going to be so much higher! And I know how to get right back up! And I'm a better rider now! Just learning the flow of life... it's exactly the same as learning Astrojax. It's all just a fractal of a fractal of a fractal of a fractal of a fractal...

When Astrojax hit you in the face or bruise your hands it's really annoying, but that moment of pain teaches you so much in an instant. It teaches you to be more aggressive, yet more delicate. It teaches you to wake up and pay attention. It teaches you to mind your thoughts. It teaches you that what you think about, you get. And it teaches you that getting better and better is so worth the pain. Because you find that flow more and more... and that flow is rippled out into your entire life... and then you spend your days living your life in flow... and your AJ play gets better...

All of life is learning to go with the flow. Our thoughts are the only thing that can prevent us from doing that, but our thoughts are exactly what make flow so ORGASMIC in the human physical experience. Because when we can guide our thoughts in the direction of the flow, the magick that unfolds is unimaginable, astounding, breathtaking, spectacular to the core. But the reason it's all so incredible is because at our cores, we already knew all of this. We already knew our power. We were born with it. We just got to go through a really fun level where we... forgot this was a game. Where we forgot this was for fun. And now we're past that level. HOORAY! Isn't that so exciting?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Advice from Clair

Picture the way you shine when you meet new people you're really excited about. Be that, all the time, to everyone, including yourself. Mischievous. Fun. Confident. Playful. Excited. Warm. Glowing. Flowing. Connected.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.