I’m so grateful to be aware of the now

I’m so grateful to be aware of the now

I'm so grateful my dominant proclivity is to feel good. I'm so grateful I have something to believe in - but it's even better - I have something I know. I'm so grateful I know what I know. I know my thoughts create. I know I am responsible for my reality. I know my reality is simply a reflection of my emotions.

I am so grateful I can choose joy right now. I'm so grateful all I have to do is practice the feeling I want to feel. Feel the feeling. Then that feeling attracts thoughts that feel like the same.

I feel relieved. It's just me, animating the world. It is all a reflection of within. The universe arranges itself around me.

I feel healthy, energized and free. I feel happy and appreciative of this moment. I feel joyful and peaceful.

I feel unconditional love for myself and all around me. My mood is my work.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.