I’m so grateful for @kellyjoymullen

I’m so grateful for @kellyjoymullen

I'm so grateful for my sister Kelly Joy who shows me the best in Internet memes, like the above cat barking until caught. I'm so grateful for ovens. I'm so grateful for Joy's boyfriend, Josh. He is such a bright light and so funny. I'm so grateful for my wife who is expanding my reality in such heavenly ways. I'm so grateful for my laptop. I'm so grateful Kelly and I are both writing. It's cute, I can't let her focus and get in a better mood without me.

I'm so grateful for my life experience. I'm so grateful I choose to explore. I'm so grateful I faced my biggest fears. I'm so grateful I practice being fearless. I'm so grateful I've been able to evolve my consciousness this far at all. I'm so grateful for everything that came before my individual awareness... I'm so grateful for every NOW leading up until now. I'm so grateful for my car door button solution example. I'm so grateful I know life is supposed to be fun. I'm so grateful I know I can focus on things I love and I'll get more of them. I'm so grateful I understand the way thought works! I'm so grateful I am able to believe it! I'm so grateful that it's whatever I want and I get to create it this way!

I'm so grateful that whenever I choose to focus it brings a smile to my face. I'm so grateful it's so much easier now to find a better feeling thought. I'm so grateful I choose to take risks. I'm so grateful to have always been a risk taker so I know that the reward always outweighs the risk. Always, always! Who cares! The point is to have fun! You can't care about failing when you're having fun, because each time you fail you learn something!

I'm so grateful I can't really think of a time when I've "failed". Failure is just not part of my reality. Everything happens for a reason. Every failure is an opportunity.

I'm so grateful for Linty purring next to me. I'm so grateful we get to go to Body Pump in the morning. I'm so grateful writing this makes me feel like I'm on some kind of feeling good drug. It makes my arms tingle. It makes my whole body feel energized. It's like I'm circulating love in my veins instead of worry, confusion, boredom, or whatever else I might choose if I didn't consciously decide what I want to feel.

Tonight I want to feel fun and confidence and fun and synchronicity. I want to go to sleep feeling good and wake up feeling good. I want to bask in the joy of my life experience. I want to remember that none of this is real, and other people will get to that realization some day, and it's not my job to change anyone or anything. My job is to feel good and that is my only job.

My mood is my work, my mood is my work, and if I am having fun, I know my life is perfect in every way. I've known this since I was a child and took a freaky detour as a teenager and young adult, but now I know that life is perfect and meant to be this way and every little bit of contrast (negativity/shit you don't want) is just a jumping off point to find what you do want - it's all an opportunity from the universe, it's all one grand adventure, every single thing that happens is the universe offering you something better! You just have to look for it!

My mood is my work and I'm so happy. My mood is my work and I'm getting better at it every day. My mood is my work and I am ALWAYS better than the best at my job. Always.

I love my life. I love Kelly. I love that focusing through writing works SO EXQUISITELY. Now that I've started writing multiple times a day, I really notice the difference in my mood. Especially at night. If I'm feeling negative thoughts come in at ALL, I just come write for a minute and everything is flowing again. I'm part of the flow again.

Also it really helps to have a few thoughts that just DRIVE YOUR VERY BEING. Thoughts that get you up in the morning and make you feel better instantly. The thought that has been working for me lately is "my mood is my work." It is the best. Now that I know through life experience that yes, every single time I've gotten in a good mood first I've had everything work out for me. I know that feeling love is how I'm supposed to live. I know that it feels good to feel good. I have proved it to myself over the last year and I am now able to believe, without a doubt, that my mood is my work. My mood is my work, it is my only work. We are only here to feel joy! We are only here to have fun! Not toil and complain and cry and worry! It's FUN to be alive! It's exciting! We live in the most exciting time ever! Everything is perfect! Everything is an opportunity, a solution, a path to more abundance!

Also, this video is hilarious too: SASSY GAY FRIEND! - Romeo & Juliet

My mood is my work.
This is a dream.

Jessica Mullen
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