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If I’m in a good mood I can do…

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I am so grateful I get everything I ask for! All it takes is a little bit of focusing on what you want combined with a good mood! It's so easy! I wrote this yesterday, as Kelly and I were finishing up a design project and we were about to embark on our evening activites:

I know that it's whatever I want. All I have to do is think about what I want. Fun. Leaving! Finishing! Fun! Good food! Effortlessness! Joy! Ecstasy! Adventure! Walking! Exercise! Six flags with all my friends! Summer evenings on the phone!

I got EXACTLY that. I was feeling kind of annoyed at having to do these edits, but I took the time to write and focus in the middle of it and reminded myself,

I know I am vibration. I know that my thoughts create. I know that what I think about, I bring about. I know that I am made of well being and that there is ONLY well being. I know that my mood is my work. I know that this is a dream.

We finished our project easily and felt so much relief when I hit "send" to our client. The rest of our evening was heaven... a walk with our beautiful friend to First Thursday on South Congress, amazing discussions with the vendors there about palm wands and hula hoops, another friend bringing us the perfect dinner, dancing at a bar downtown, rides in a sexy car, running into a friend I haven't seen since high school, getting COMPLIMENTED on my dancing, having the dancing endurance!, art party at our place, synchronous meeting up with another friend, Vesica vodka and enough of everything for everyone. Spray painting at 4:30am, beautiful photographs, cute cats and Twin Peaks with my wife! Everything was so beautiful and perfect!

All it took to achieve the perfect evening was taking the time to focus on what I want and to REMIND MYSELF that MY MOOD IS MY WORK!!!!! Yes, this works, every day, every time, without fail. Yes, everything is perfect and in its place. Yes, the waves get easier to ride. Yes, you can just choose different thoughts to think and you see them immediately reflected in your physical reality. Yes, you can get better and better at this. It gets easier. It gets more fun. It gets more worth it the deeper you go.

Remember this time. Take note of this moment and how delicious it feels. Listen to the messages in your music. Look for all the synchronicities happening more and more. One day you'll look back and remember, "this is when everyone was waking up. It felt so exquisite, euphoric, and orgasmic to wake up."

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How can it possibly be better? More inspiration. Perfect timing. Seeing the flow of reality. Doing the dog dance. It's all a big dance. My timing is getting better and better. The better the timing, the more synchronicity. I live in synchronicity. It's all around me.

Wouldn't it be nice to make some podcasts? To get some cooking done? Kale chips, magick pellets, raw mock tuna, and sushi! Wouldn't it be nice to listen to more Chiddy Bang and it's even better than the stuff we're listening to now? Wouldn't it be nice to keep writing and making and playing and creating and finding more outlets for creativity? Wouldn't it be nice to remember that every thought is a creative act? Wouldn't it be nice to find more and more projects to work on, that were all timed perfectly, and captured flow effortlessly, and that we all made for the process? GOD I love art for the process. It's the only way!

Wouldn't it be nice to keep this delicious flow of inspiration and positivity? God DAMN I'm on fire! I can't tell what the reflections in my reality are yet but my mood has been off the charts! Getting in a good mood is getting so much easier! Going to bed in a good mood is so much easier! It doesn't depend on what I DO! Only my mood matters! If I'm in a good mood when I do something, I can do ANYTHING I WANT! And that applies to EVERYTHING!

How am I expanding?
Astrojax. More flowing with friends. More communication in the air. More synchronicity in the magickal order. More synchronicity everywhere. Notice it, get more of it. Everything flows perfectly. Everything is always timed perfectly. We're all in such a good mood. We're all so happy to be alive and together. We're all so happy to be connecting again. It's the most delicious thing imaginable. To be one, then separate into billions of individuals. Then slowly, over such an incredibly long time, we remember that we are one. We wake up. We start touching each other like we're touching ourselves. We start seeing the magick of this reality in each others eyes. We start talking to each other in our minds. We only interact at the perfect times. We never plan, we just exist. We all live in the now, we all just want to play together and experience the deliciousness of being alive together. We're waking up and seeing through the illusion of physical reality and through the illusion of our separateness.

When I look at you, I know you know everything about me. I know you see my power. And I look at you and see your power. It's like watching everyone I know realize they have magick wands in their hands. Some people don't want to use it yet. Some people just aren't ready. But a lot of you are. A lot of you are getting pretty excited. And now we get to all play together with our magick wands and create unimaginable fantasy realities to share together. We're all lucid dreaming together. We all have infinite power. And we're all one. God I still don't understand it all but it's all so sexy and thrilling and FUN!!!

Today I expect everything to unfold perfectly. Today I expect heavenly encounters and a steady flow of new ideas. Today I expect to feel the best I've ever felt. Today I expect to feel powerful and confident and excited. Today I expect the universe to arrange itself around me.

What I want to feel today

  • Flow
  • Synchronicity
  • Knowing
  • Confidence
  • Silliness!
  • Creative inspiration

Today I intend to let life live me. Today I intend to live in the flow.

I love my LIFE! I love that it gets easier every day! I love that I am so practiced! I love that when I feel a negative emotion, I use it as an indicator and not a death sentence! I love that I am getting so much better every day! I love that focusing really does work! I love that the flow just keeps going and there's a perfect time for everything! I love that the universe brings it all! I love that I don't have to DO anything! I love that I feel so good! I love that I have new thoughts that WORK! I love Chiddy Bang! I love Chinese Man! I love Nicki Minaj! I love Kelly and Betty and Tony and Stephen! I love all my friends so much! I love graphic design! I love my haircut. I love my phone. I love pink. I love colorful everything. I love glitter. I love playing. I love that I feel younger every day. I love that feeling younger has nothing to do with how long you've had your individual consciousness. The only thing that affects your age is your mood. And you can have the mood of a child again, it gets easier, and it feels so good. It feels so good to play. It feels so good to laugh and play with friends. It feels so good to have a steady stream of new experiences. To always be learning mind blowing things about reality. But the best part is that as an adult, you get to know that when you play pretend, it's really REAL. I guess kids have always known that anyway...

Today's affirmations / thoughts to bookmark

  • My mood is my work.
  • If I'm in a good mood I can do anything I want.
  • I am so creative.
  • I trust the flow.
  • This is just a fun, silly dream. The universe is playful. Have fun everywhere you go!

Links I love

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