Trust the flow of the universe | gathering momentum

Trust the flow of the universe | gathering momentum

kel head
I am so grateful for Halcyon's latest HugNation video. I'm so grateful for his concepts of "be like water" (allowing) and "there is only the task at hand" and "non-attachment".

I'm so grateful for hooping inspiration from Elizabeth. I'm so grateful I wake up and find inspiration everywhere!


How am I expanding?
I am in the moment. I know my power. I trust the flow. I co create with the universe. I know my power. I know that the flow of well being is all there is.

I'm having the best day of my life. Everything is unfolding perfectly. I don't have to DO anything. I just have to focus on my mood and this moment, that's all!

Today I expect to flow. Today I expect to trust the flow. Today I expect everything to go perfectly. Today I expect solutions. Today I expect to feel loved. Today I expect inspiration. Today I expect fun. Today I expect laughter. Today I expect synchronicity.

What I want to feel today

  • Knowing. I'm in the flow.
  • JOY! Laughter! Jokes! Fun! Play!!!!

Today I intend to make hula hoops! Today I intend to practice hooping! Today I intend to play AJ! Today I intend to make magick pellets! Today I intend to let go of attachment! Today I intend to be like water! Today I intend to remember there is only the task at hand! By not being attached to the ways you think things should be, things are EVEN BETTER!

I love FLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today's affirmations / thoughts to bookmark

  • My attention is an amplifier.
  • Trust the flow!
  • This moment rules! There is only the task at hand. Let go of attachment to the way you think things should be. Let go.
  • My mood is my work.

Links I love

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