I’m so grateful for vesica vodka.

I’m so grateful for vesica vodka.

I'm so grateful I know life is magick. I'm so grateful it's whatever I want. I'm so grateful I can choose. I'm so grateful for our apartment and easy money. I'm so grateful we started a new piece of art! I'm so grateful I have a new article idea! I'm so grateful life is so fun! I'm so grateful for Kelly and her good mood! I'm so grateful for body pump! I'm so grateful for graphic design! I'm so grateful for life design. I'm so grateful for summer in Texas! I'm so grateful I'm always willing to go deeper.

Life is good. Whatever I focus on expands. I choose to place my powerful focus on things that feel good.

I feel rested, energized, playful and knowing. I know that it's whatever I want. I know that what I think about I bring about.

Effortless meeting. Laughter, games, play. Fun. New ideas. Teaching and learning. Everyone is in love. Funny things happen all around me. This meeting will lift my mood. A fractal of new opportunities.

Beautiful clothes all in the perfect size. Going places I didn't know I wanted. Inspiration. Joy. Health. Feeling good in my body. Strength, agility, freedom, flying.

Connection. More new friends. More AJ and AJ conversation. Surprises. Flow. Group flow. The entire world flows. I ask for what I want. My open mouth gets fed. I say what I want, I take what I want, I always get what I want.

I'm the most fascinating girl in the world. I'm deep, beautiful, and silly. I lead with my light.

My mood is my work. This moment rules. My focus is a powerful amplifier of vibration. This is a dream, and it's whatever I want. This is the best day of my life.

I am confident. I am free. I let life live me. I am confident. I get it. I'm allowing well being. I already have everything I want. This moment rules and my mood is my work!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.