My reality reflects the thoughts I choose | gathering momentum

My reality reflects the thoughts I choose | gathering…

I am so grateful for vegan pizza from Conan's! I am so grateful Kel and I are finishing up some design work! I am so grateful we get to see Joy! I am so grateful we get to have fun! I am so grateful we took a nap! I am so grateful for Astrojax! I am so grateful to be choosing to focus! I am so grateful I was inspired to publish an article! I am so grateful for Universal Grocery Lists! I am so grateful for my strong healthy body! I am so grateful for this dreamy life! I am so grateful I know life is a lucid dream! I am so grateful I know what I know!

I know I am vibration. I know I am more than my body and more than my thoughts. I know that I am one with all of consciousness. I know that what I think about, I bring about. I know that by thinking thoughts that feel good, I attract experiences that feel good. I know that my thoughts create. I know that every thought I think creates. I know that there is no "thinker". I know that my thoughts create me. I know that I am the creator of me. I know that a good mood is the path to good things. I know that by choosing to feel good now, I don't have to wait for the manifestation. And then the manifestation comes anyway. I know that life is supposed to be fun. I know I'm supposed to feel good. I know I am perfect. I know I am doing everything right. I know I am in the right place at the right time. I know everything is unfolding perfectly. I know my mood is my work! I know that this moment rules!

Wouldn't it be nice to finish this project early? Wouldn't it be nice to have the best night of my life?

How am I expanding?
I am 100% refreshed and energized. My mood is my work. I'm allowing well being. I am confident and free to do whatever I desire. I am a magickal creator. I create ME. I am Clair. I always choose the better feeling thought. I am adventurous. I am playful. I am fun. My mood is my work. Every day is everyone's birthday. I am pure positive energy focused in a physical body, experiencing the deliciousness of life.

Everything is a solution. I look for the best I can receive in every moment. I allow the gift of abundance! I accept it and embrace it! I am cared for by the universe!

I am energized and inspired. I am refreshed and recharged. I am doing my best work.

More Astrojax conversations. More AJ play. Massages. Mindfucking. Leveling up. Effortlessness. Inspiration. Vacation from vacation from vacation from. Painting.

All of my reality is a reflection of my internal world. My reality reflects the thoughts I choose.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Katja Lev

    Hey, your vegan pizza (or to be more precise, the photo of that vegan pizza Kelly posted on fb) made my night last night (as it was around 2:30 am)! I have to admit that at first I felt a tiny bit of envy (and this is a feeling I´m really not good at, cause it´s one of the “baaad” feelings…), but then – after letting myself be a bit envious and full of want for that pizza – I suddenly felt like “hey, that´s so cool there is vegan delivery service in this universe, and iPhones to take pictures of vegan delivery pizzas with, and apps to almost magically send them into cyberspace, a cyberspace where pics like that can be shared, and virtual reality ports like my old and trusted MSI to connect to that cyberspace and gain access to those pics, and body with eyes to see them with …” hehe. SO great. gratitude everywhere… THANK YOU! :.)))
    btw -> ever heard of “heliotropic practice”? I´m not sure yet what to make of it, but it seems to be something like a mix between positive psychology and the law of attraction…
    All the best, Katja Lev

  • jessica mullen

    Katja that is so awesome you were able to turn that bad feeling around!! And I bet a pizza place by you is about to start offering Daiya any day, you should ask them about it! haha really, that’s all Kel and I always said, “wouldn’t it be nice to have vegan pizza delivery?!” And other vegan requests, they always show up – we got vegan freezer pizza too!

    I hadn’t heard of heliotropic practice but google found me this: Sounds like academia is catching on to what we already know :] Have any other links or anything on it? I’m interested!


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