Unicorn stickers and list of ultimate mantras! | gathering momentum

Unicorn stickers and list of ultimate mantras! | gathering…

I am so grateful for portals to the unicorn dimension!!!!!!! I am so grateful that everyone I follow online inspires me so much! I'm so grateful Kelly just made me a spinach smoothie! I'm so grateful we got to have so much fun last night! I'm so grateful I've been more diligent about directing my thoughts and focusing. I'm so grateful I can scream from the rooftops, "MY MOOD IS MY WORK!!!" I'm so grateful that I KNOW! I'm so grateful I choose to create my experiences consciously instead of by default. I'm so grateful I'm awake! I'm so grateful I'm alive! I'm so grateful I'm evolving! I'm so grateful to be consciousness! WHAT A BLESSED OPPORTUNITY WE HAVE TO BE IN THE HERE AND NOW!!

unicorn art
I'm so grateful for Twitter. I'm so grateful for blank slates. I'm so grateful that every moment is a blank slate. I'm so grateful for the conversation Kelly and I had about doing design work. It's so simple. Just get in the vortex AND THEN DO DESIGN WORK. It's so painfully easy. So easy. So easy. So easy! You just have to look for the magick in the process. Make the process the most fun thing in the world. Use it as a chance to practice magick. Find the flow in design. There is flow in EVERYTHING! You know the final outcome - you want the project done. So let go and let the universe guide you to the manifestation. GET IN THE VORTEX and then work on whatever project you wish!!

I'm so grateful it's flowing so hard. We have everything. New projects, money, friends & family, cats, unicorn portals, websites, gym memberships, a car, a beautiful apartment, health, love, freedom, and above all TIME! I'm so grateful to be connecting with the university again. I love UT! I love working with people at UT! I love that I've been a freelance designer since 2005! I love doing design work! I love taking on a new design project with a whole new outlook on life! I love that ANYTHING I want to take on now has this effortless flow to it... if I can let go enough! If I can feel good! If I choose to think about what I want! Everything is so easy when I do those things!

I choose to feel good. I practice the feelings I want to feel. I find better feeling thoughts. I stop thought in meditation daily. I give my physical body the exercise and flow it thirsts for. I do whatever sounds most fun! I let it all come to me. I think about what I want and keep the flow of positive thoughts steady. I let go of negative thoughts in an instant - it's almost like I drop a white curtain or wall in front of them and they're gone, forever.

I'm so grateful that this philosophy is true. I'm so grateful that I proved it to myself. I'm so grateful that I persevered. I'm so grateful that I took the chance. I'm so grateful that feeling good FEELS GOOD. I'm so grateful life makes sense to me. I'm so grateful there is so much that doesn't make sense! I'm so grateful for all the gorgeous souls waking up around me. I'm so grateful to know I created them. I'm so grateful to know I'm the creator. I'm so grateful my body feels so strong and healthy and good! I'm so grateful law of attraction replaces self discipline. I'm so grateful for Astrojax, WOW do I love Astrojax.

I'm so grateful for the steady stream of new friends in my life. I'm so grateful for the steady stream of old friends in my life. I'm so grateful to be surrounded by people I absolutely adore. I'm so grateful for my magick. I'm so grateful I'm waking up. I'm so grateful I'm waking up. I'm so grateful I'm waking up. Waking up seems like a lifelong endeavor, and it is so exquisite.

I'm so grateful my mood is my work. Every time I say that to myself, I want to start dancing around and painting rainbows in the air.

I am so grateful to be part of more and more communities. I'm so grateful I'm NICE now. I'm so grateful I am understanding. I'm so grateful I got to talk to my mom and dad today! I love talking to them!

Wouldn't it be nice to have the most perfect night ever? Wouldn't it be nice to keep creating and flowing and making magick? Wouldn't it be nice to keep focusing on feeling good and finding better feeling thoughts?

How am I expanding?
Everything is seriously perfect and in its place. I wouldn't change a thing. My life is perfect. I am so happy. I am so grateful. I am so excited. I am so THRILLED! I am so eager for more. I am having so much fun. It's flowing! It's flowing so hard!

My visualizations for what I want now are so abstract, or fantastical. I picture myself in a black sky, dancing and flying and laughing and creating with all of my friends, finding colorful, psychedelic baubles of joy everywhere I look that inspire me endlessly and push me further. And then I realize all of life is like that! Look at everything around us! Colorful psychedelic baubles of joy ARE everywhere we look! Everything is beautiful! Because it's not real - it's our CREATION! We made this all up! How grateful I am to see through the illusion!

My life is about joy. My life is about fun. My life is about harmony and peace and love and hot sex. My life is about flirtatious connections with everyone I encounter. My life is magick. Life is living me. It's getting easier and easier to let go. To let life live me. To follow my inspiration. To bask in the beauty! To scream in joy! To be amazed at the beauty of the NOW! To connect! To flow! To know I already have everything I need! To RELEASE MORE AND MORE RESISTANCE AND NEGATIVITY every moment!

I know I don't have to do anything. I have a vibration that's contagious as hell. I am free, flowing, laughing and playing. And when others see that, they remember that that's who they are too. And it's a meme. And it's so effortless. We just play together. We love each other. We have fun together. We flow together. That's the bliss of being human! To experience connection with oneself through another!

This is not real. This is a fun game. It's like The Truman Show - characters run out of lines and you win! It's so weird seeing through the illusion. And so FUN! Because the more I see through the illusion the more I enjoy it! The less seriously I have to take it, and the more life becomes a playground! Everything and everyone can be played with. And it is so fun.

I'm building a list of ultimate mantras, would you like to hear them?

  • What's so great about this moment?
  • What do you want?
  • It's whatever you want.
  • What does the problem feel like emotionally? Practice the opposite emotion.
  • I don't do drugs, I am drugs.
  • I am a cooperative component.
  • Everything is working out for you, always
  • I let life live me
  • I'm allowing well being.
  • Everything is a solution.
  • It's all for you!
  • I have infinite money.
  • Every day is everyone's birthday.
  • I am Clair.
  • This is a lucid dream.
  • Be it, see it.
  • My mood is my work.

What I want to feel today

  • Magickal surprise! "I wanted that!"
  • Flow. Knowing my next move without thinking about it.
  • Joy! Laughter! This is so fun! I am so in love with this moment!
  • Inspiration! To be filled with love for the magickal creations everyone around me makes! To feel that you KNOW. To feel your flow. To drink from your flow. To flow with you. To flow together. To create together. To be blown away by the miracle of life. To have creations pulled from me. To always see the best. To always expect the best. (haha I think about that video dating company Expect the Best! in the movie Singles all the time...)
  • Ecstasy. I made this and I get to live this. This is the most thrilling rollercoaster ride of my life. Orgasmic. Flowgasmic.

Today I intend to love myself unconditionally. To go with the flow. To let the universe do it. To take the emotional journey. To choose to feel good. To have fun. To rest. To appreciate myself and my reality. To relax. To let go. To laugh. To create. To be excited about being alive. To remember this is a dream.

I love that my mood is my work. I love astrojax. I love sourdough muffs. I love honeydew. I love reading. I love drawing and writing.

I love having people over to play Astrojax. I love that we got rid of our couch so we could play more AJ. I love it when people love playing. I love it when I get to give people sets. I love sharing that feeling with people. I love sharing flow! I love the idea of more and more people playing and flowing. I love the idea of everyone waking up. I love that life is so fun. I love that all you have to do is focus on the positive. It's so easy. Find the better feeling thought. Your mood is your work. That's all.

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