We’re all waking up, aren’t we? | gathering momentum

We’re all waking up, aren’t we? | gathering momentum

I am so grateful for Whole Foods and green juice and the vegan bar. I'm so grateful for successful meetings and conscious creation. I'm so grateful I chose to create what I wanted instead of creating by default.

I'm so grateful for the ability to eat such awesome food and go wherever I please. I'm so grateful for the mall and new sports bras! I'm so grateful for big sales! I'm so grateful that when you ask, it is given.

I'm so grateful for Kelly and her hilarious sense of humor. I'm so grateful to have her by my side. I'm so grateful for her bright attitude and commitment to feeling good. She makes feeling good look effortless. I'm so grateful for this glorious woman, each and every day.

I'm so grateful I choose focus. I'm so grateful I can wake up disoriented and cranky and choose to sit down and write about what I'm grateful for instead of pouting in bed. I'm so grateful my mood is my work. I'm so grateful my mood is my work. I'm so grateful my mood is my work. I'm so grateful my mood is my work. I'm so grateful my mood is my work.

I'm so grateful that what you think about, you bring about. I can choose to think about whatever I wish and that is what my reality will consist of. What an opportunity! I'm so grateful for focus. I'm so grateful I know I can direct my thoughts no matter what. I'm so grateful I can put my mind on autopilot and think of new things to be grateful almost effortlessly. I'm so grateful for my car. I'm so grateful for my home. I'm so grateful we changed our air filter! I'm so grateful for signs from the universe. I'm so grateful for my family. I'm so grateful for inspiration. I'm so grateful Kelly and I got to browse bedding because it was so fun to discern preferences.

I'm so grateful today was our day off from the Y. I'm so grateful for Astrojax and hula hoops. I'm so grateful for my computer and the chair I'm sitting on and the clothes on my back. I'm so grateful I know my worth. I'm so grateful I know my work. I'm so grateful I know my value. I'm so grateful I know the truth. I'm so grateful Kelly mopped. I'm so grateful Kelly is typing away behind me. I'm so grateful we get to do whatever we want.

I'm so grateful to be directing my thoughts. I'm so grateful to be riding the wave. I'm so grateful to be flowing. I'm so grateful to know that all I have to do is think about what I want. I'm so grateful I can choose what emotion to feel.

Wouldn't it be nice to have the most fun night of my life? Wouldn't it be nice to see more and more evidence of the dream? Wouldn't it be nice to do my best work every moment? I am! Wouldn't it be nice to keep thinking about what I want?

How am I expanding?
I am energized and confident and feeling better than ever. I am so excited to see other people. I feel like I'm waking up from a dream, or becoming more conscious in a dream. Today at Lady Foot Locker I was able to stop thinking about petty thoughts for a few minutes and really enjoy my interaction with the employees. I wondered what they would feel like. Their skin textures were so vivid. They were the most fascinating creatures I've ever seen. I felt like I could do anything, like they were dolls or puppets. I wanted to touch them. I want to poke and prod and ask, do you feel this? Are you real? Is this a dream? Are you awake? What the hell is going on? Isn't this fun?

I'm in a lucid dream. I'm in a lucid dream. Whatever I want will come true. All I have to do is FOCUS.

I'm flying. I'm flying. I'm flying with my own body. I'm so light. I'm lighter than air. My movements are effortless. My life is effortless. I flow from one scene to another. (The song that's playing right now has only the lyrics "I came to manifest my dream.")

I am creating this. I want adventure. I want NEW THOUGHTS. NEW IDEAS. I am full of so much inspiration. I am full of so much excitement. I am full of so much curiosity for life. I am waking up. I am becoming lucid. I am embracing my power. I am becoming lucid.

I am so grateful for reminders of what I truly know. I am so grateful for remembering to remember.

Everything is unfolding perfectly. Those old wants I've had? They're done. Completed. Achieved. I can let them go. Onto the next. Now what? Now what?

I have the perfect thing to say. Everyone always asks me lots of questions. I have great conversations with everyone I interact with. I am constantly blown away by the brilliance of those I surround myself with. I am so lucky to keep such great company. I attract wisdom from everything around me. Everything around me has a message, because everything around me is an indicator. What is this telling me? What is this telling me?

I trust universal indicators. I trust the universe. I trust myself. I am perfect. I am in the right place at the right time, always. Everything always works out perfectly for me. I ask questions. I get asked questions. All I want are more questions.

I am dancing, I am free. I am flowing without a care in the world. I am worry free. I am worry free. I am worry free. I am worry free. I am free from worry. I have fun every minute of my life. I am so fascinated by everything in my life. Life is such an INCREDIBLE mystery to get to unravel like a present under the tree! Don't you just LOVE learning more? Getting it more? Laughing at it more? Playing with it more?

I am silly I am laughing I am the best joke teller in the world. I am so funny! I always have the perfect thing to say. I am free. I am confident. I let life live me. I am so eager to see what's next. I am so eager to be breathing in the NOW. I am so eager to be alive. I am so excited to be alive! I am SO HAPPY TO BE ALIVE! Now what? What's next? What do I want?!

My best Astrojax play ever.
My best hooping ever.
Best conversation. Best laughs. Constant laughs. Constant playfulness.
Constant play! Learning how to play with everything.
Waking up more in the dream. Becoming more powerful. Discerning preferences and manifesting my desires. Letting go.

I'm going to try Allison's list of post-money "want" categories!
Physical Activity + Training: letting life live me while I play AJ. Mastering my AJ flow. Getting better and better and better. Performing professionally. Astrojax gymnastics. Practice. Practice. Practice. Play.
Master Skills: improving my writing. Mastering kickboxing. Getting way better at podcasting.
Direct Creative Projects: Finding a new type of imagemaking that is so unbearably delicious that I can't stand it. And I can create it with my phone or in the moment or on the fly. New type of imagemaking. Visualize then document the manifestation? NEW imagemaking! New things to write about. New things to think about. Be inspired to work on my site more and more and more. Simplicity.

Experience the World: see new parts of Austin. Travel to Europe as much as possible. Travel to every country. Take my cats somehow. Meet new people, feel new ideas, fall in love. See the wonders of the world. Be inspired by all the incredible shit I've made. Be inspired by all of physical reality. What a creation!
Life experiments + personal development: sleep less. Eat all raw, effortlessly. Take more spiritual adventures. Find ways to become more brave. Develop more and more confidence. Uncover more of my power. Allow more of my power.
Accomplish dreams, conquer fears: tightrope walking, trapeze, sky diving, bungee jumping, connecting with animals, connecting with all different types of people, release OCD thoughts about if I left the burner on, lucid dream more and more, find peace daily, live in a commune, release attachment to everything I love, get better at loving unconditionally, have a deeper and deeper relationship with Kelly, enter the next dimension and stay there, upgrade all of consciousness, become one with all of consciousness, experience ecstasy, release fear. Fear of heights, fear of death, fear of pain, fear of failure, fear of loneliness, fear of letting go, fear of the ultimate power.

Socialize + Love: to develop loving relationships with everyone I meet. To love everyone unconditionally. To feel the same in return. To uplift, always. To practice humor and silliness. To share, share, share.
Serve + Give to others: To share, share share. To give as much as I can. To improve all of my creation. To remember to give. To always feel abundant. For everyone to have everything they need (they already do).
Evolve Humanity / Change the World: to master thought direction and see that reflected to me everywhere. To upgrade consciousness. To evolve to more love. To evolve to more connection. To have a global awakening. That life is deep. And this is only the beginning. We are just waking up. Isn't it fun?


What I want to feel today

  • Knowing. I know I am vibration. I know my thoughts create. I know that what I think about, I bring about. I know that I am made of pure positive energy. I know I am part of the infinite flow of life. I know that I am all of life. I know that I am all of consciousness. I know that when I change the way I look at things, the things I look at change. I know I can choose what to feel first, then attract experiences that produce the same feeling. I know I am perfect. I know that everything is unfolding perfectly. I know that the more I let go, the more I flow. I know that my mood is my work! I know that my mood is my work! And I REFUSE to be anything less than the best at my job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Relief. I'm so relieved. I'm so relieved. I'm so relieved to feel more and more connected to source every day. I'm so relieved to know I don't have to take anything seriously. I'm so relieved my only work is my mood. I'm so relieved that relief is the only feeling I need to practice. I'm so relieved that all of these feelings are the same. They feel like getting it, like being in on the big universal joke. Knowing the meaning of life. Living life. Being ALIVE. Conscious. Awake. I'm so relieved to have seen the big picture. I'm so relieved the big picture is simply to feel good and love. Because the more you love, the closer you are to god.
  • Confidence. I am the most enchanting, beautiful, fun girl in the world! I have it all, and so do you! Let's play together! Let's have fun together! Confidence conquers, doubt defeats! I can do anything I want and I am GOOD at it.
  • Fun. That thrill at the top of a roller coaster. The challenge of a new flow toy. Laughing at jokes. Falling in love. Celebrating. It's everyone's birthday!
  • Curiosity. How the hell? I need to know more! Tell me more! Expand my world! Give me something new to think about! A new game! A new toy! A new concept. A new discipline. A new interest in an old discipline. What's next? What exciting things will come next?
  • Amazement. I'm blown away. I can't believe how incredible this is. This is changing my life forever. This is my new thing. Life is SO DEEP.

Today I intend to wake up more. To love. To play. To be fearless. To breathe. To smile.

I love Kelly. I love myself. I love Clair. I am Clair!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • allison

    I loooove that tutu on Kelly!

    And I loved reading your post-money want brainstorm!

    And I think your What I Want To Feel Today was especially good today! <3

  • jessica mullen

    Thank yooooou!!!! Thank you for the inspiration!!

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