I’m so grateful my mood is my ONLY work.

I’m so grateful my mood is my ONLY work.

I'm so grateful to be awake and alive. I'm so grateful to be riding the wave. I'm so grateful I know that my mood is my work. I'm so grateful for pwny and linty. I'm so grateful Kelly swept and mopped last night! I'm so grateful we aired out our place! I'm so grateful we get to go to campus today. I'm so grateful to choose focus. I'm so grateful to choose feeling good. I'm so grateful to have such an interesting life. I'm so grateful for hot showers and the UT campus. In so grateful for an extra hour of sleep. I'm so grateful our place is so deliciously clean! I'm so grateful for Kelly. I'm so grateful she's my business partner. I'm so grateful for all the fun we get to have! I'm so grateful for fun meetings. I'm so grateful I can choose how I want things to unfold.

I'm accessing more and more enjoyable projects. I'm working with people I love. My mood is my work. My mood is my only work. I choose to feel good. I choose optimism. I choose love. I choose fun. I choose play. I choose ludology! I choose adventure.

I am attracting perfect solutions. I am a vibrational match for the solution. I choose to put my mood first. I choose to follow my intuition. I choose to see things as I want to see them. I choose to live life my way. I choose to create opportunities for myself everywhere I go.

I expect to have the best day of my life. I expect to have fun. I expect to feel excited. I expect to take nothing seriously. I expect only the best opportunities. I expect flow. I expect love. I expect brand new, riveting ideas. I expect things to go my way. I expect to let life live me. I expect to feel good. I expect to remain in control of my vibration. I expect to focus on what I want.

I've found the perfect project. I've found the ideal solution. I've created the ideal situation. I've attracted what I want. I expect everything to unfold perfectly. I expect the universe to take care of me. I am fearless and passionate. I am doing my best work. I am open to the gifts of the universe. I choose fun! I choose ease! I choose flow!

Life is fun. I am so grateful to be here. I am so grateful for new opportunities.

I expect easy solutions. I expect abundance. I expect joy! I expect perfection. I expect flow.

My mood is my work. My mood is my ONLY work.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.