Need a New Job?


Need a New Job?


I'm still reading Do You!: 12 Laws to Access the Power in You to Achieve Happiness and Success by Russell Simmons. Today I read Law Number Five: Never Less Than Your Best. In this chapter, Simmons extols the virtues of hard work and how it inevitably leads to success. He describes his disciplined routine including meditation, yoga and going to bed before midnight.

You have to hustle and bust your ass every day to make your way to the top. You have to stay focused on what you want and work towards it every single day. If you want a job with a certain company, start working for them for free and make yourself indispensable. "The world is going to be what your hard work makes it."

At first this chapter really stressed me out, because I couldn't figure out what the hell my "job" was that gets me out of bed every morning. There is very little "work" I do on a daily basis - if I'm thinking in terms of checking off items on a to-do list or "building my business". I make business decisions when I'm inspired. I don't force myself to constantly come up with new campaigns or return emails or find new affiliate programs. Those things, while they can be fun when the mood strikes, aren't exactly my passion.

So what am I working on every day? What is my passion? The answer came to me in meditation today, and it was a HUGE DUH that I've known all along. My mood is my work. My job is to feel good. Literally. My only obligation in the world is to myself, and the most important part of my life is enjoying it.

Every single morning when I wake up, I write. I write about what I'm grateful for, and what I love, and what I Know. I focus my attention on thoughts that feel good. And then I meditate, to experience the deliciousness of being thought-free. Then I exercise, to feel the ecstasy of having a strong physical body. And then I play with flow toys, to learn the joy of being in sync with the universe. And after doing these things, I'm usually in a really excellent mood. I don't have to do all of them every day, but I like to. Because they all drastically improve my mood.

Why is my mood my work? You can check out the School of Life Design lessons to learn more, but essentially the reason I care so much about how I feel is because what I feel is what I attract. When I feel good, I don't have to worry about income, because I trust there is always more coming. When I feel good, I don't worry about my health, because I know there is only well being. When I feel good, I am able to appreciate all of the conflict in the world, because when I know what I don't want, I know what I do want. And those desires we have are what keep life expanding.

When I feel good, good things come to me, effortlessly. The things I want for my business, my relationships, and my health come easily when I feel good. So why would I declare anything to be my work other than my mood? If all good things come from feeling good, then feeling good is my top priority. Nothing else matters.

When people ask, "Do you have a job?" I reply, "Yes, to feel good." When they ask, "What do you do?" I reply, "I practice feeling good." Another good response to "do you have a job" is "I'm a magician." Because by practicing feeling good, everything that I want comes to me effortlessly. And while it may look like magic to the untrained eye, all I'm doing is being a cooperative component in the universal flow. And that infinite, loving flow of well being wants nothing more than for each one of us to be and do and have everything we desire.

I used to have this nagging feeling that even though my job is to feel good, shouldn't I be trying to earn money too? Now that I am finally at peace with my "work", I can abandon those worries and go full force! I feel and then I see. Not the other way around. As Wayne Dyer says, "when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • kelly

    excellent work. you encapsulated it perfectly. i feel i could return to this post again and again to remember what i know.

    let more and more spiritual practice begin!!

  • Eirini

    Of course you are a magician!You are transforming your own world,then everybody else’s world,if they turn to you for inspiration!You certainly are inspiring me this way!Thank you Jessica!

  • jessica mullen

    Thank you both! The momentum is getting so big! Higher highs, longer and longer. SO FUN.

  • jessica mullen

    Also, he ends the chapter with this: “The happiest people are the ones who remember not only to work their hardest, but to stay focused on what they’re working for. And that’s to get closer to God than to any sort of earthly reward.” He definitely gets it! :]

  • emma

    Jessica! Hi! I’ve been a silent reader since you were featured on I’ve gotta say that your morning routine sounds fabulous! Even though I’ve been working hard on feeling good since I discovered the Law of Attraction, sometimes I still feel like my general disposition can be kind of grumpy. That said, I’ve found that when I stick to a morning routine that gets me feeling good, I really start the day off right. I’ve fallen off the bandwagon with my old routine- I may steal yours! Any excuse to hula hoop, right? Sounds delicious! ;D

    Also, this is a tangent, but I’ve began an exciting exploration into the raw side of veganism, all because of your yummy raw posts. You and Kelly are a dream team! Keep up the happiness- it really brightens my day.

  • jessica mullen

    Hi Emma! So glad you found your way over here! I think play should be part of everyone’s morning routine :]

    I’d love to hear about your experience eating raw! I have yet to find a better-feeling diet than 100% raw. I’m always looking for ways to make it more convenient and interesting. I’m definitely not 100% right now but try to get as close as possible.

    Much love!

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