Confident & free, I let life live me | gathering momentum

Confident & free, I let life live me |…

I am so grateful my life is like walking on a tightrope. I live my life on a tightrope. You just have to have confidence.

I feel so confident and free; I'm letting life live me.

The solution is right in front of me.

When I trust the universe, it's easy to remove unwanted things from my awareness. I look for reasons to trust the universe.

I keep the momentum going.

I can always choose a different thought to immediately switch my perception. There is only now, only the thought I have now matters. I create myself with each new thought.

What is has very little to do with what's becoming.

When I find contrast, I ask, "how does it feel?" I find the emotion, then practice the opposite to attract the solution. Easy.

This is a dream.

I am limitless. I am infinite. I am confident. I am perfect. I am flowing. I am loving. I am loved. I am treasured. I am exceptional. I am happy. I am free.

I live my life as if I am already where I want to be. Because I am.

Links I love

  • We are trying Black Swan Yoga this week yay!!
  • I am so into the circus. We've been watching the PBS documentary Circus & I REALLY want to take up tightrope walking. Because it's just another illustration of the way it all works... and my body loves teaching me.
  • Pay With a Tweet! What a good idea for business.
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