What’s Your Vision?


What’s Your Vision?

Thanks Dani!

I'm reading Do You!: 12 Laws to Access the Power in You to Achieve Happiness and Success by Russell Simmons, per Gala Darling's suggestion. One of Simmons' laws of success is "see your vision and stick with it." I immediately tried pulling up my own vision and came up empty handed. What the? I don't have any vision of future success in mind?

I thought about it for hours and eventually came up with "for everyone to have a website about how awesome their lives are." I told Kelly about it and she was like um... that's not really what you want, dude. So I kept thinking about it, about what I truly want to the core. I want complete control over my thoughts. I want to be so practiced in thought direction that my desires manifest immediately.

I realized that my vision was to exist in a waking lucid dream. To be so free of limiting beliefs that I can create anything I desire, instantly. To be able to effortlessly shift my focus from contrast to solution. To teleport. To fly. To breathe underwater. To always have a steady flow of resources because my consciousness is infinite. To not only see through the illusion of physical space, but to play with it.

So I want to live in a lucid dream. But life already is a dream, and I'm already lucid. My vision is less of a goal for the future and more of a daily practice. To live in a lucid dream, I only have to choose it. I only have to realize I already do. I only have to remember to direct my thoughts and focus on my desires and they manifest effortlessly and immediately. Today I'm trying out a new mantra to remember what I know - I'm letting life live me.

Any time I have a negative thought or contrasting experience, I think to myself, "I let life live me." It's a good way to define the state of flow. When you flow, you let your thoughts go and let life unfold perfectly. Flow toys like hula hoops and Astrojax show you in a microcosm the way it all works.

Every time I think, "I let life live me," I let go of whatever negative thoughts I'm holding onto. I remember that life is magickal and perfect and blissful. I remember to trust the flow of well being. I remember to trust the guidance within me.

Thinking "I let life live me" takes the pressure off of me. It stops me from spiraling into worry. I trust life. I trust that life unfolds perfectly, always. I trust that life will guide me towards my higher self. I trust that life knows what I want. I trust that life will take care of me.

I trust that if I let life live me, I'll receive inspiration towards all the things I desire. I'll receive inspiration to deal with bank accounts and taxes and reservations and paperwork. I'll receive inspiration to eat what will make me feel good. I'll receive inspiration to rendezvous with people and places at the perfect time. I'll receive inspiration to write and create and design.

So how do I let life live me? All it takes is to have the thought, "I let life live me" and it's pretty effortless from there. It makes me immediately ask myself if what I'm doing or thinking is what life wants for me. Life wants me to be happy and catch up with my higher self. Life wants me to feel good and enjoy being alive. Life wants me to expand and create and love and smile. Life wants everything I want.

When I let life live me, life guides me towards the things I want. It gives me inspired action. It gives me thoughts that feel good. It puts all the perfect cooperative components within my reach to achieve my dreams. Life makes living easy, if you let it. Life is easy - just look at plants and animals. Life is easy for them. They just live. They just do what they were made to do.

Now if I'm ever indecisive, I just think, "I let life live me." The answer is always the next thought. Life knows where I want to go, and life wants to take me there. Only my own thoughts could ever make me feel lost, or confused, or insecure. When I let life live me, I have 100% confidence. Because I know life knows the way. And all I have to do is let the flow guide me.

In the process of learning to let life live me, I get better at letting go of resistance. More possibilities open up. More magick happens. More jokes. More laughs. More sex. More fun. More adventure. More love. I look around at this incredible dream I've created and feel so grateful to be awake and alive. I feel so grateful to be a powerful creator in a limitless universe. I feel so grateful to be lucid. I feel so grateful to be consciousness, dreaming. I feel so grateful to already have everything I want.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Bridie

    This is so amazing, Jessica. It speaks volumes of your level of enlightenment.

    I haven’t read the book (would you recommend it?) but I’m assuming when Russell talks about holding the vision he is referring to staying focussed on all the ‘things’ you want? Like business deals or influence or whatever?

    But its just stuff. And we only want stuff because we think it will make us feel a certain way. All we really want is that feeling, yet we could occupy that desired mental space in a second if we allowed ourselves to. Instead, we run around chasing goals and building barriers we must climb over before we will allow ourselves to feel loved, fulfilled, happy and worthy. Its ridiculous!

    However, this is something that, at this point in time, I only grasp on an intellectual level. A deeper part of me, conditioned by years of hoop jumping, still believes that good feelings must be earned. That you ‘get it’ and that you are consciously choosing to live with ease and grace just fills me up with hope.

    Woman, you inspire me. Don’t ever stop being you.

  • Eirini

    I’ll make this my new mantra:”I let life live me”!

  • margojakobi

    agreed :) I love it…I let life live me <3 Gonna put that on a T-shirt!!

  • thedameintl

    You really inspire me at how you manage to control your thoughts. I always find that when life isnt going as well as Id like, its because Ive not been monitoring my thoughts.

  • magicalgrammar

    this article is intensely inspiring to me. i love that i get what you’re talking about. when i spend too much time out of the flow, the idea that I could potentially be so practiced in thought direction that my desires manifest immediately seems downright impossible. in fact, just reading this made me realize that i’ve been living with the belief that things have to be a bit of a challenge and require persistence and some fight. thank you for reminding me that this does not have to be my reality! life can be easy!! it feels like relief to me.

  • Adrienne

    Such a great post!!!! :) I have to check out that book!

  • jessica mullen

    Bridie, I definitely recommend it. It’s really nice to read what “we know” from another perspective. He’s very clearly informed by law of attraction type philosophy. When he talks about focusing on your vision, yes he just means whatever your big dream is – hold onto it and never let it go until you realize it. Whether it’s a business or relationship or whatever, his main point is just to -focus on what you want-.

    And yeah, the good feelings are just a choice! We just want stuff for the feelings! We can skip all the heartache and go straight for the feeling! And THEN the stuff comes anyway!

    Hope is really close to belief, and belief is really close to knowing – you’re already there girl! All it takes is practice practice practice :]

    Thank you for the kind words lovely ladies! Ann, I’m so happy you became more aware of your beliefs from reading this!

    Y’all are so beautiful, thanks for reading :] MUCH love.

  • Rach

    Wow Jessica. Holy shake-me-to-the-core! This is beautiful — congrats on uncovering that sense of peace and having faith that you are being guided in the direction that is right for you. Through sharing this, you’ve inspired us all to do the same. Thank you xxx

  • jessica mullen

    Thank you Rach!!! Holy shake-me-to-the-core is the best compliment ever! <3

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