Good morning! The best, right?

Good morning! The best, right?

I'm so grateful for another day. I'm so grateful S signed up! I'm so grateful for my health. I'm so grateful for my warm bed. I'm so grateful for new library books. I'm so grateful for spinach smoothies. I'm so grateful for my focus. I'm so grateful for my vision. I'm so grateful for Russell Simmons. I'm so grateful for fresh inspiration. I'm so grateful we had such a great workout yesterday. I'm so grateful for hot showers. I'm so grateful to be sore. I'm so grateful for coffee. I'm so grateful for new beginnings. I'm so grateful for affiliate payments! I'm so grateful for AC. I'm so grateful for people who send me nice messages. I'm so grateful for time affluence. I'm so grateful it gets easier every day. I'm so grateful I have my shit together.

Today I crystallize my vision. Today I take the emotional journey. Today I make my path more clear. Today I have the best day of my life.

I expect to have fun today. I expect to feel relief. I expect to feel secure and confident. I expect to love myself unconditionally. I expect to gain more clarity. I expect to focus on what I want. I expect to be the change I want to see. I expect to feel good. I expect to laugh at jokes. I expect to be the Watcher. I expect everything to unfold perfectly. I expect ease and flow. I expect fun and play.

I expect to look and feel my best. I expect to find countless things to appreciate about my body. I expect to share moments of knowing with everyone around me. I expect to remember this is a dream. I expect to use my power. I expect dramatic change. I expect vision. I expect clarity. I expect focus. I expect love, and joy. I expect things to go my way.

I expect new income streams. I expect new creative endeavors. I expect new projects and inspiration. I expect freedom to do what I want. I expect to feel energized. I expect to stay focused on the positive. I expect breakthroughs in technology. I expect to learn a great deal.

I expect to facilitate consciousness upgrades. I expect to lead with my light. I expect to make a new path. I expect to succeed. I expect to win. I expect to make it.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • destinycyan

    i’m so grateful you’re writing these posts! they haven’t been showing up on my blog reader & i was worried a bit : )

  • jessica mullen

    thank you DC!!!!!!! i have to fix my rss feed for the complete lifestream… letting it unfold! <3

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