I love my vibration | gathering momentum

I love my vibration | gathering momentum

I am so grateful for my family. I am so grateful I can feel it when I know it's time to write and focus. I'm so grateful I can sail/surf for so many days at a time now. I'm so grateful I wake up in the morning and think "my thoughts are in control of this. YES!" I'm so grateful I truly believe now. I'm so grateful I truly KNOW now. I'm so grateful I took the time to prove it to myself. I'm so grateful I did the work. I'm so grateful I do the work every single day.

I'm so grateful I got to spend time with my aunt at lunch yesterday. I'm so grateful for my extended family. I'm so grateful for all the time I got to spend with them growing up. I'm so grateful most of my family lived in the same state while I was a kid. I'm so grateful I have so many wonderful people in my life who love me and who I love. I'm so grateful for all the memories I have of family. I'm so grateful for my beautiful family.

I'm so grateful we get to housesit tomorrow! I'm so grateful to be back at the start of a wave - it can only go up from here. I'm so grateful that now when I'm at the dip in the wave, it feels like contentment and nothing lower. I'm so grateful to have released so many negative thoughts about money and my body. What silly things to worry about! I'm so grateful I know what I know. I'm so grateful I like to remind myself what I know. I'm so grateful I'm in it for the long haul, consciousness. I'm so grateful I am consciousness. I'm so grateful to be the creator. I'm so grateful for my physical perspective. I'm so grateful I get to discern preferences every waking moment of my day. I'm so grateful I know to think about what I want.

I'm so grateful my goals are only "feel good". I'm so grateful I have instructions for that if I need them: "Think about what you want. Let it go. Practice The Feeling."

The Feeling came to me so many times in the past few days. When T took the armoir right after Kelly said "wouldn't it be nice if T helped me get rid of the armoir?" Playing with new friends. Spending time with family. Riding bikes with Joshy. 3am sushi lunch at HEB. Donating money to UT and getting a thrilling "like" at the same time ;] Synchronicities on Twitter. Hearing people say "I feel like a kid again". Hearing song lyrics that are JUST for me, "affiliates, PAY ATTENTION!" Getting to play kinect finally and getting to try it with my Astrojax!! THE FUTURE IS NOW!

I'm so grateful for The Feeling. The Feeling can be described with many words, but it's always the same feeling. You can call it love, or joy, or relief, or knowing. It's all the same. When you feel that good feeling of "yes, I get it, things are going my way and I am powerful and this is exciting and I'm ready for it all!"

I know that I am vibration. I know that my thoughts are vibration. I know that what I think about, I bring about. I know that what I notice I get more of. I know that I am powerful beyond measure. I know that I am in control of my entire life experience. I know that I am consciousness with a physical perspective. I know that I am God. I know that I am LOVE. I know that I am here to have fun. I know that feeling good feels good.

I know that what I think about, I bring about, so if I focus on what I want, what I want will come.

I'm so grateful I feel like I'm not sure what I want now, because I got so many things I wanted this past weekend. I'm so excited to get to come up with new desires! I'm so grateful this is life - just having desires, catching up with them, then having more, ad infinitum.

I'm so grateful I took Latin and can use phrases like ad infinitum and know what they mean. I'm so grateful for my education. I'm so grateful for my path. I'm so grateful for the scrawled ideas in my moleskine, ready to be catalogued and pondered this week. I'm so grateful I know there is NEVER any rush. I'm so grateful everything ALWAYS happens at the perfect time. I'm so grateful for Facebook. I'm so grateful I am getting so much better at releasing negative thoughts. I'm so grateful for Astrojax. I'm so grateful for the FORUM!!! OMG I love all y'all in there! It is so fun and awesome! THANK YOU!!

Wouldn't it be nice to remember to focus on what I want today? Wouldn't it be nice to come up with some big new strong desires that feel great? Wouldn't it be nice to go to hooping class next week?! Wouldn't it be nice to want to want to practice hooping? Wouldn't it be nice to hoop outside? Wouldn't it be nice to keep letting go, finger by finger, or all at once? Wouldn't it be nice to go on an adventure? Wouldn't it be nice to have the best day of my life?

What do you want?
I'm inspired to write something big. I'm inspired to make videos. I'm inspired to create nonstop. I'm inspired to do some site maintenance. I'm inspired to reply to emails! I'm inspired to focus on what I love about myself.

I'm inspired to completely reorient my thoughts about my body. I'm inspired to make progress on the puzzle. I love my eyes and my smile and my hair and my tattoos and piercings. I love my strength and endurance and feet. I love my flexibility and adaptability. I love my laugh and my ability to face a challenge. I love my hands and my face and my arms and my legs and everything in between. I love my warmth and my ability to comfort and share the feeling of knowing. I love that I can communicate effortlessly with my eyes. I love that eyes are how we know we're all one. I love my voice and my intellect. I love my teeth and my tongue. I love my muscles and my tan. I love my vibration. I LOVE MY VIBRATION.

I'm connecting the following ideas:

  • Visual literacy and physical/visual reality
  • Everything is a solution / there must be something good coming out of this
  • Everyone has her own path, I'm not selling mine as a solution, only sharing it so you can be inspired to look for yours.
  • Thoughts as Astrojax patterns creating an auditory vibration

Creative inspiration. More new friends. More new adventures. Way more excitement. More music. More signs the world is dramatically changing. More kinect. More kinect + Astrojax. More AJ, more hooping, more fun. More playtime. More thoughts about loving myself. More thoughts about loving others. More dancing. More kickboxing. More muscles. More tan. More swimming. More road trips.

More connecting through eyes. More laughter and jokes. More shared moments of knowing. More running. More flying. More lucid dreaming. More EXCITEMENT PLEASE. More eating out. More cooking. More raw. More juice. More ease. More effortlessness. More family.

More likes. More first dates. More second dates. More third dates. More dates. More comedy. More joy. More appreciation. More donations. More affiliates. More advertising. More big ideas. More imagination. More art. More spray paint. More hooooooping. More connecting online. More traffic. More sharing. More living in public. More podcasts. More silliness.

More drawing. More writing. More focus. More thoughts of knowing. More feeling of knowing. More trips. More security. More pets. More animals. More meditation! More relaxation. More emotional journeys completed. More waves to ride. More to want. More to know. More to love.

More calm knowing. More excited knowing. More thrills. More pushing through fear. More releasing negative thoughts. More focus. More fun. More texts. More smiles. More sun. More trampolines. More underwater. More letting go. More letting go. More letting go. More remembering I don't have to DO anything. More focusing on what I want. More getting what I want. More knowing I already have everything I want.

More poolside office. More figuring out what I want. More trips to Paris and Amsterdam. More shopping. More freedom. More connections. More bike rides. More self love. More fun with Kelly. More connection with Kelly. More flow. More group flow. More group knowing. More gathering of energy. More thinking about what I want.

More feeling magickal. More feeling like I get it. More adventure. More letting go. More fun. More trips. More dreams. More connections between them all. More magickal unfolding. More friends. More helping people "get it". More thinking about "getting it". More getting it. More driving fast. More operating heavy machinery. More technology. More, bigger breakthroughs. More Nicki Minaj. More lessons. More things to learn in every moment. More gratitude.

More new things. More new people. More novelty. More to read. More to look at. More to think about. More to create. More to expand. More workout clothes! More "who cares?" More time with family. More time with friends. More parties. More dressing up. More getting rid of shit! More letting go. More release. More relief.

More automation. More passive income. More incoming links. More imagemaking. More photos. More possibilities. More visualizations. More technology as trip. More evolution. More rapid development of technology. More connection. More connection. More connection. More connection. More pieces of the puzzle. More knowing. More knowing. More knowing.

What I want to feel today

  • Connection
  • Knowing
  • Flow - pushing past the nausea!
  • Joy, laughter, fun!

Today I intend to feel good and have fun and think about what I want.

I love myself and Kelly and my friends and family and everything about this glorious life experience.

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Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Ariane

    I have a couple of blogs that I sometimes check immediately upon waking at 7am, since where you are it’s around five in the afternoon & everyone’s done posting for the day.
    I’m grateful this morning I’m not a foot out of bed yet, & yet I’ll have to soon be to print this & put it on my wall.
    Morning wake-up coffee > inspiration

  • jessica mullen

    <3 <3 you are such a beautiful creature Ariane ^_^

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