I’m so grateful I have the power to choose thought.

I’m so grateful I have the power to choose…

I'm so grateful for coffee. I'm so grateful for everything bagels. I'm so grateful for eyeliner and things that make me feel normal. I'm so grateful to be in control. I'm so grateful for our expanding social lives. I'm so grateful for fun nights and productive days. I'm so grateful for my life! I'm so grateful everything is so fun!

I love my physical body. I love being strong and in shape. I love my senses and the way my skin feels. I love my hair and my eyes and my smile. I love my tattoos and piercings. I love my tan. I love my super strong legs. I love that I can defend myself. I love being in optimal physical and mental health. I love focusing on what I love!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.