What Is the School of Life Design Forum?


What Is the School of Life Design Forum?

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Back in February, I published an ebook called Get a Website, Get Happy, Get Paid. The four page guide concisely explains my web-design-cum-positive-psychology philosophy - using a website to focus on what you like about your life can help you feel better and eventually make money.

Almost as an afterthought, I implemented the School of Life Design forum to accompany the book. I wanted to create a place for people to ask questions about life design and websites. The book is a great motivator to start lifestreaming for serious, but since everyone's website situation is unique, the forum came into existence to provide one-on-one advice and discussion.

Since then, the forum has become my favorite place to hang out online. The reason? We help each other practice positive thinking. Deciding to start thinking more positively is one thing, but actively practicing it every single moment until it becomes a permanent habit is challenging to say the least.

I frequently get emails from readers, asking "how do you stay positive?!" There is only one answer - practice. But practicing alone can be frustrating. Ever since I started the School of Life Design forum, I've had a community of brilliant creatives to practice thinking with.

Solution resistance

When you have a problem, it can be very hard to find a solution because your thought patterns are something like "I have this problem, it won't go away, I don't know what to do, this problem is getting worse." When you think about something as unresolved, it will stay like that until you can forget about it. Whatever you're thinking is what you're receiving.

But when you tell your problem to someone else who is focused on the positive, often that person will have no resistance to your problem and can therefore point out the solution immediately. It's so easy to miss the solutions right in front of our faces, because our negative thoughts keep us focused on that one thing we don't want.

The School of Life Design forum has turned out to be a way to find solutions. When I post about a problem (that I KNOW my thoughts are creating, but that I can't get over!) in the forum, two things happen. One, I release my thoughts from thinking about the problem. I trust that the problem is now in someone else's hands, which brings me relief. Two, a discussion is started about the problem which brings me even more relief because I often realize that everyone else has the same issues I do.

Then usually my problem is resolved within the hour. By trusting a community of positive thinkers to help me find solutions, I am able to let go of my negative thoughts and start vibrating on the level of the solution, not the problem.

Care to join us?

For all you glorious souls who are wondering how you can possibly keep up with positive thinking, consider giving the forum a try. Even if you don't have a website, the forum can help you with pretty much any problem you may have. We are a community dedicated to the path of positivity, joy and enlightenment. And it is so much fun to solve the puzzles life gives us together.

The forum is $11/month, which helps me pay for hosting and maintenance. The plus side of joining a paid forum is that it is all private - only paying members can ever see what we talk about. I check in at least once a day and try to reply to everything I can.

If you're looking to make the transition to positive thinking a little easier on yourself, the forum is the place to be. The more we work together, the easier it gets for all of us. Are you ready to take the leap? :]

Come play now!

Sign up for The School of Life Design Forum ($11/month) and download the book Get a Website, Get Happy, Get Paid for free!

(Note: click the “Return To jessica mullen design” button on the bottom right after purchasing to access the download link!)

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  • Jessica Wagstrom

    I definitely want to join this forum at some point. However, I’ve historically gotten myself into a lot of trouble with auto debits, so I’m trying to keep those to a minimum. Is there a more deliberate way to pay month to month?

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