Notice It, Get More of It: an Abundance Worksheet

notice it, get more of it worksheet

Notice It, Get More of It: an Abundance Worksheet

notice it, get more of it worksheet
Thanks Rob!

After filling out a couple dozen Financial Abundance worksheets in my FUNFILE, I noticed a trend. I always loved writing the "10 signs of abundance in my life today" section, but pretty much skipped all the rest.

Increasing abundance in your life is a lot simpler than the first worksheet implies. You don't have to play financial games or write complicated stories. All you have to do is pay attention to what you like in your life and ask for more. When you appreciate the things that are already in your life experience, you are emitting a vibration of abundance and attracting more. "Look at all I already have! I am so blessed! More please!"

Don't limit yourself to observing financial abundance only. Indicators of abundance are everywhere you look. The more you vibrate abundance, the more you receive in all forms, including money.

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Today I offer you the Notice It, Get More of It abundance worksheet. It's extremely simple - just 60 spaces to list examples of abundance throughout your day. Once you start filling one out, you'll be amazed at how much more attuned you are to the wealth that already exists in your life, and how much more keeps pouring in.

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