I am surreal | gathering momentum

i am surreal

I am surreal | gathering momentum

i am surreal
Thanks Arlo!

I am so grateful the School of Life Design forum is always full of such inspiring information and conversations!

I am so grateful for Marie Forleo! Her "favorite posts" section is BRIL. I've been looking for this for my own site - I can do a WordPress custom menu!!

I am so grateful I finally figured out that FEAR IS FUEL!!

I make worlds. I always attract the better feeling thought.

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Advice from Clair

Clair how can I feel good today?!
Look back on the work you just did! Don't be so quick to let your hard work go to waste! Keep choosing the better feeling thought! Go out and drink in your city! Be surreal! This is a dream, a trip! ACT LIKE IT!

Links I love

  • Omg hooping is such a delicious hobby. Dear universe, please send me an LED hoop!!
  • Rhina from Gilt Clover has an incredible new about page that inspires me endlessly. My favorite line is "my life goal is to completely synchronize with the Universe‚Äôs pulse." YES! THAT IS MY LIFE GOAL TOO!

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