The world DOES revolve around you! | gathering momentum

The world DOES revolve around you! | gathering momentum

Thanks Chris!

I am so grateful for inspiration and fruit for breakfast in bed. I am so grateful we get to go to hooping class!

I am creating epic articles and images in the air. Visual channeling! I have so many new ideas, I can't wait to organize them and make them pretty! I am doing my best work and it shows!

My work is light, welcoming, comforting and inspiring. It is funny and beautiful. It is ephemeral and eternal. It is divinely inspired!

I'm so inspired and ready to pwn this day. I love my life and I love my wife! I love that my mom called! I love that I got to talk to my brother yesterday. I love that he gets it. I love exploring consciousness.

I am so focused. I am so driven to create and share. I love thinking about new ideas. I love that we had such a great time on Kelly's birthday!

I want to have fun today. I want to spread joy and love today. I want to relax and process today. I want to reevaluate my business and make new progress. I want to remember how awesome it is to put together DIY hipster raves!

I am silly and jovial and so excited to be alive! I am so excited to be directing my thoughts! I am so happy I get to spend the day with my wife!

I am so grateful for this opportunity to create. I am so grateful I get it. I am so grateful to be loving my life.

Today is the best day of my life. I have so much power and control. I am constantly inspired. I am in love. I am rested and ready to create!

I love having time to myself to direct my thoughts. I'm so grateful to have time to practice the feeling of knowing. Knowing feels like remembering that I created this. I created everyone and everything. Knowing feels like loving someone so hard you can talk to them in thought. Knowing feels like remembering that I created that someone, so of course I can talk to them with thought.

My life is so fun. Everything is unfolding perfectly. It's all coming. It's all already here. All of the solutions already exist.

My favorite thoughts for today

  • I am a visual channel. My writing is light and funny.
  • I play Astrojax fearlessly. I am an Astrojax superhero!
  • Kelly and I are in podcasting flow! Our podcast is a mixture of partner witchery and humor.
  • I am so cool! I am the center of the universe. Every day is like my birthday. I decide what I want every couple hours, then it comes!
  • Everything is unfolding perfectly. I'm milking the shit out of today!

Advice from Clair

Who am I?
You are everything. You are the universe. You are infinite. You are consciousness. You are perfect. You are flow. You are well being. You are eternal. You are timeless. You are all that is.

Links I love

  • In case you need to make vegan buttercream frosting, here's a recipe!
  • Allison has a great article on removing limiting beliefs!
  • When I lived in Champaign, Illinois, I worked on the literary and arts journal Ninth Letter. Here is a wonderful article about the weirdness of the journal. I am so eternally inspired by this project!
  • I love learning how to do the dutty wine!
  • New podcast! The Legacy of Team AVF
  • I'm getting so much better at Astrojax! Here is a video of me with Blue Diamonds from last night. (Thanks to Sheima for taking the video!)

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Jessica Mullen
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  • Jessica Wagstrom

    You are making me want to pick up some Astrojax. I haven’t seen anyone in my area playing with them! That won’t do.

  • jessica mullen

    They will change your life! They’re so satisfying because you don’t need a lot of space to play. Let me know if you have any questions about them!!

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