Things I like to think | gathering momentum

Things I like to think | gathering momentum

thanks Angela!

I am so grateful that whatever I think is true. I am so grateful that I have finally realized observational reality is not real. I am so grateful I see that whatever I think is what is reflecting back to me. I am so grateful I am becoming more aware of limiting beliefs. I am so grateful for all my friends. I am so grateful to live in a dualistic mystical state. I am so grateful whatever I think is true. I am so grateful I have such control over my thoughts. I am so grateful for the technology of writing to help direct my thoughts. I am so grateful that this writing is my best work. I'm so grateful that this moment is my best work. I'm so grateful for the now, my most brilliant creation.

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I am energized. I have more energy than I ever have in my whole life. I am the prettiest, sexiest girl I know. I am creating this all with my thoughts. This is all here for me. I can do whatever I want. I do whatever I want. I am in complete control of my entire life experience. I created all of this. And the universe brought all the cooperative components together to make this glorious now.

I am perfect. My wife is perfect, and really fun. My life is perfect, and really fun. When I sit down to write, all I have to do is choose the thoughts I want to think. Observational reality is dead to me. It does not exist. It is not real.

I make the deepest, funniest podcast in the world. My website is reminding the rest of my consciousness what it knows. I am waking up. My dreams tell me secrets every night. My life becomes more magickal every moment. My focus grows with every thought. My life gets more fun every moment.

My body is flawless. My physical strength is unparalleled. I can lift cars and houses and jump from skyscraper to skyscraper. I am always on. I am always here. I am always now.

I have entirely passive income. All of my bills, rent and expenses are paid for the rest of my life. I can do whatever I want. I can be whoever I want. I am a podcasting superstar. I am a lifestreaming magician. I am an entertainer and mystic and all I do is play.

My life is unfolding perfectly. I have found another secret to loving life. Instead of focusing on getting rid of negative thoughts, or on stopping thought, I can now positively direct my thoughts in every moment. I am completely detached from observational reality. I think whatever I WANT to think, and then that's how it is. It's that simple.

I am joyful and I know exactly what's up. It's all here for me. All of this experience is being orchestrated for me. The knowing look in your eyes is a reflection of my own vibration. You are my creation. I am making this. And when the world rejoices at my awareness, I know that it is my own inner joy reflecting back to me.

My wife is so funny and tells the best jokes. She makes me laugh all the time. I make her laugh too. I tell really great jokes. I'm so deep. I'm so deep I'm writing reality right now. Oh, excuse me, just have to go write up some reality real quick.

Whatever I write is real. Whatever I think is real. I've finally convinced myself. So I don't ever have to think about observational reality again. I don't ever have to react to a manifestation of an old vibration. Observational reality is a figment, it's imaginary, it's no more real than your dreams. Dreams and reality are one and the same.

It's time to restructure these posts. I no longer need the prompts. I only need to remember to think the thoughts I want to think.

I have more money than I know what to do with. Everything is paid for. I don't have to think about money any more.

My mood is my work is perfect. My work is perfect. I am a master of my work.

Being in control is better than the depression that comes with powerlessness. Sometimes it takes depression and powerlessness to embrace your power. You have to see the opposite to make the opposite true.

Every time I get to the bottom, I remember not to care, and I shoot back to the top. It's easier not to care when I'm depressed. When I feel good, I get all these great manifestations. I used to cling onto the manifestations, thinking "it'll never get better than this!" Now I can use the manifestation as a stepping stone, or a fulcrum, a point to whip around like the moon.

My wife cooks the best meals for me. She always takes such good care of me. She is my oracle. She always makes me laugh and always makes me happy. She knows the secret. She is my best creation. She's like a physical body that lives outside of me but tells me secrets all the time.

I am so inspired. I am so collected and calm and knowing. I am so happy. I am so happy. I am so loving. I play through life. I am a magician.

Kelly is so good at making smoothies. Everything always goes perfectly for her. She is the master of cooking. She is so smart and always has the best methods. She always cleans up so well too. I love Kelly so much and I love how she dances in the kitchen and I love how she sings along and plays AJ in the air! I love that she is so funny and can't help talking to me about certain people.

Kelly is my best friend and lover and she is my favorite in the whole world. She knows me so well. She makes me feel so good. She gives me the best massages.

Our podcast is our most successful venture. I can do whatever I want and still control my thoughts.

I am the best Astrojaxer in the galaxy. I am the best gymnast in the universe. I am the strongest girl I've ever met. I am so deep that if you look at me too long you fall in. Sucked in! Forever! You'll never get out! I'll swallow you whole!

My life is perfect. I am doing everything right. I always follow my intuition and get exactly what I want.

What do you want to be true? Think it and it is.
I can fly. My body does everything I want it to. My body teaches me new things constantly.
I can do aerial silks effortlessly. I can lift my body with my arms effortlessly. I can do backflips and frontflips effortlessly.
Everywhere I go, I help people get websites. Every day I wake up, I think about what I want and then I get it.
My only goal is knowing, and I'm already here. Now my goal is to have new desires and then catch up to them. It's so easy. I don't have to have "goals" anymore. I'm already exactly where I want to be. And if I ever decide I want to be somewhere else (like in 5 minutes), then I'll adjust my thoughts accordingly and be there too.

I am so happy. I love myself so much. I am so pretty and sexy and fun and funny. I KNOW! I KNOW! I KNOW!

I'm going swimming this week. I'm going on an adventure this week. My thoughts are creating this. My thoughts are creating this. All I have to do is think thoughts I want to think.

I have enough money to pay for everything I want for the rest of my life.
I have enough strength, agility and endurance to do anything I want with my physical body.
I have enough beauty, charm and wit to have enchanting interactions with everyone I meet.
I have enough creative inspiration to bring anything I want to this physical reality.

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