The real secret to making money online


The real secret to making money online

Thank you Will Powell!

Here's how making a living online really works: work on your website because it feels good, and trust money can come from anywhere. The moment I stopped forcing the "how" of making money, my business became financially successful. I don't have to sell specific products to make money. I just have to trust that money can come from anywhere. And it does. It comes from everywhere. It's easy once you practice it and see it in action a couple times.

Make products for your site because it's fun to do so - not because you need them to make your money. It doesn't matter how many products you sell. It's an emotional journey every time. Money and financial opportunities are literally everywhere. To perceive the abundance that already exists around you, you must feel abundant. Making money is an emotional journey. When you feel abundant, you attract thoughts of abundance. And then those thoughts of abundance manifest in your experience.

You must trust that the universe takes care of you already. Whatever your "work" is, do it for the sole purpose of enjoying it. You do not need it to make money. Your work is only there to raise your vibration; it helps you feel good. If creating businesses, websites, and products makes you feel good, then do it.

How do you want your money to come to you? Have you ever thought about it? Do you want to trade your time for money? Or do you want money to come to you without doing anything? Do you have the limiting belief that you must WORK to make money? That you must trade something in return? Or do you practice the belief that you can have as much money as you want, whenever you want, because it is your birthright to have as much abundance as you desire? If you can believe money comes to you without you having to DO anything, then it is already right in front of your face. Take it. Easy.

Money is just an indicator of an abundant vibration. If you don't have any money, getting over the initial resistant thoughts of "not having money" can be tricky. But you just have to practice.

If you don't need money for the next few weeks (say, until your rent is due), then give yourself permission to stop thinking about it. You've already launched enough rockets of desire for money to be certain the universe has received your order. So stop thinking about money. If a stressful thought about money ever enters your head, use a visual mantra to let the negative thought go instantly. Literally do not think about money for as long as you can. A few days is sufficient.

At the same time, practice feeling good. Follow your emotions towards the things that feel good. Do whatever you want. Go with the flow. Have fun. Play. Practice letting go. Follow your emotions to the next better feeling thought or action. You'll find yourself in a vibration of "knowing". You'll "know" that you really are taken care of. You'll "know" that everything always works out.

Don't think about money. Practice following your emotions to the state of knowing. All that means is let your emotions guide you towards the things you actually WANT to do. Trust that all the solutions are right in front of you.

The feelings of knowing, joy, love, and abundance all feel the same. They feel like relief. They all attract thoughts that create good feeling experiences in your life. If you desire a lot of money, you just have to stop thinking about the fact that you don't have it yet. You don't have to feel like "I have a million dollars in my bank account," you just have to feel GOOD. And if you aren't negating your good feelings with feelings of lacking money, then the universe can bring you what you want.

It only takes a few days of practicing a vibration of abundance to see enormous reflections in your reality. But the KEY to vibrating abundance is to not emanate a feeling of "lack" AT ALL. That is why you have to give yourself permission to STOP THINKING ABOUT MONEY. PERIOD. If it makes you feel better, pay for all the things you need to pay for and give yourself some spending money for the next few days. Forget about money. Every single time you think about it, RELEASE IT AS FAST AS POSSIBLE. That is why the visual mantra is so useful. You can picture your body physically letting go of thoughts.

It only takes a few days, at most. You'll see reflections of your abundance everywhere. You'll see the creative power of your thoughts. If you can control your thoughts enough to not think about lack AT ALL during your trial, then you can manifest all the abundance you want. Try it and prove it to yourself.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Sharon Borgstrom

    I am super interested in doing this experiment about not thinking of money at all. For the month of April, I tried focus on manifesting on attracting money, and I did get results. For about a week or more in mid-April I completely forgot about it and didn’t concentrate on wanting to attract money and sometimes I’d think: “Shit, I need to start thinking about getting money quick. April’s coming to an end.” I’m pretty sure it was that mentality that didn’t allow me to attract the $200 that I had set as a goal.

    I’m going to try this new technique. I’ll take advantage of the fact that I’m not the one to pay the bills yet (thanks Mum & Dad) and take as long as I need, with no pressure at all.

    Did you get solid results?

  • Jessica Wagstrom

    I have been practicing this a lot based on what you said in the school of lifestreaming, maybe I should give myself a few days to not think about it, but I have already seen results!! For several months now, I’ve been breaking myself (and working on breaking my roomies) of the tendency to say “I’m broke”. (I’ve got one of them on the “we’re not broke” train, the other is a bit more stubborn!)

    But since quitting my job and studying up on lifestreaming, all this week whenever I spent ANY money I immediately said to myself, “I have more money than I know what to do with.” And I blogged and posted pictures of my hoops and my intention of selling hoops, and over the course of today I ended up selling THREE hoops, with orders for three more. *dances*

    I really believe this works, ESPECIALLY after today, I can’t thank you enough for being so helpful, and I absolutely adore your blog (I can’t say that enough either!). I am full of abundance! I have more money than I know what to do with! :)

  • Eirini

    Wonderful insights,as always!

  • Jayanthi

    Great post Jessica. I have to make “practice feeling good” my new mantra.

  • jessica mullen

    Sharon, yes the results are super solid! The less I think about money, the more it flows in! My business income this month is DEFINITELY the most it’s ever been! AND almost all of it is passive!!

    Jessica, BEAUTIFUL! Yay all it takes is practice, and you are so already there! And guess what, I am selling my first hoops TOO!!!!! THANK YOU for the inspiration!!!!!!

    Thank you all for reading! What a fun adventure we’re on!

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