The ultimate thought direction tool: practicing the feeling of knowing

fibonacci cabbage

The ultimate thought direction tool: practicing the feeling of…

fibonacci cabbage
Thank you Aldo Cavini Benedetti!

What you think about you bring about. When you feel good, you attract good feeling thoughts, which create good feeling experiences and physical manifestations. Your emotions indicate how close your thoughts are to the thoughts the god within you thinks. When you feel elation, you are creating in harmony with source energy/the universe/god/your higher self. Your thoughts are loving, trusting, and knowing, thus creating experiences that produce the same feeling.

Once you experience the feeling of true knowing a few times (which feels like complete trust in the universe, understanding that the world is magick, realizing you are a perfect being creating in a perfect world and that you are loved and cared for by something much bigger than your intellect), you get a sense of what life is really supposed to be like. Pure bliss. Fun magick. A perfect and playful unfolding of love.

That feeling of knowing is the only thing you need to solve every single "issue" in your life.

Forget logic, forget trying to figure it all out. Our rational intellect is an artificial intelligence that cannot comprehend our infinite nature. It can be a distraction from the core truths that every single one of us already knows.

How to feel knowing

You can practice the feeling of knowing, which attracts knowing thoughts, which create experiences that provide the feeling of knowing. The more you practice the feeling and have experiences that give you the feeling, the more you'll see the manifestations of your desires. They might not show up exactly how you want them, but the manifestation will give you the feeling you're after.

When you feel knowing, you trust that the universe is on your side. You understand that when you ask, it is given. You are free to have a new desire, trust the universe will bring it, and let it go. When you feel knowing, you don't worry about what happens if it doesn't come. You already know it will.

Your expectations are what determine what manifests in your experience, and your expectations are based on beliefs. Your beliefs are based on thoughts you think over and over. When all of your thoughts come from a place of knowing, you expect your wishes to be granted. You expect to be cared for by the universe.

And so you are.

Try it yourself!

To practice the feeling of knowing, recall an instance when you've felt it before. Try remembering a time when:

  • you witnessed a miracle and couldn't explain it logically
  • you had a bad problem and it all worked out better than you could have imagined
  • you felt flow - when you performed your best effortlessly without thinking
  • you felt incredible after an intense workout or physical challenge
  • you trusted a higher power to answer your prayers, and it worked
  • you meditated and felt connected to your higher self

Any memory you have that gives you a feeling of relief to recall is helping you practice the feeling of knowing. I like remembering the first time I played with Astrojax, or the euphoria I felt after a perfect workout when my body surprised me with what it knew, or the relief I felt when seeing my higher self in the mirror for the first time.

Spend a few minutes a day recalling your memory of knowing and try to truly feel the same way you felt. The more you practice, the more knowing thoughts you'll attract, and the more you'll see your knowing reflected back to you in physical reality. You'll get the money you need and wonder why you were ever worried in the first place. Your body will heal itself and you'll remember it is much more powerful than you sometimes give it credit for. Your relationships will deepen and you'll experience mind-blowing synchronicities.

You already know that you are a perfect, brilliant creator living in the most delicious now imaginable. All you have to do to live that reality is take the time to remember as often as you can.

Isn't it a relief to know that all you need is a feeling of knowing, and that the feeling of knowing feels like relief?

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Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Eirini

    Such a poetic post,Jessica!What a relief there are people like you in this world that constantly reminds us to stop struggling and just trust!Thank you for getting to the core and then sharing it with us!

  • jessica mullen

    Thank you for reading Eirini. I really value your perspective.

  • Mia*

    You are Light! this art is perfect for the current conjunction between Venus+Mercury+Jupiter in Aries. Think pretty, talk pretty, feel pretty. Ask out loud.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • jessica mullen

    Thank you for the reflection of vibration ^_^

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