I am a vibrational magnet | gathering momentum

I am a vibrational magnet | gathering momentum

I am most grateful for:

  1. Pwny and Linty being cute pets to practice unconditional love with.
  2. My desire to focus every day. To keep pushing. To keep exploring. Never turning back, never giving up.
  3. My body being in shape! I can lift anything, kick anyone's ass (for fun, of course), and I go to sleep and wake up feeling sleek and beautiful.
  4. The rent is paid, we're receiving payments every day, and business is booming. I feel abundant and see evidence of it everywhere.
  5. My rekindled desire to help people get websites! It's one of my favorite things to do... it's so easy for me and I love walking people through the steps. It's one of my most perfected, streamlined skills - to get domain names, hosting and get WordPress installed, configured and beautiful, all in about an hour.

pwny bikes

Wouldn't it be nice

  • To find 10 people to set up websites for this week?
  • To be part of more communities and meet more people?
  • To go for a long bike ride and see the sights and work on my tan?
  • To hang out with Joy and Josh?
  • To write about vibrational magnets, website setups, and money puzzles?
  • To design a new thought direction tool?
  • To swim in Barton Springs or the ocean or the greenbelt?

What do I want?

  • To be a vibrational magnet.
  • To go exploring outside.
  • To make music with Astrojax.
  • To learn, remember and apply 100 new things.

What I want to feel today

  • Knowing.
  • Like everything is my toy and life is my playground.
  • Power.
  • Love.

Today I intend to live more in the big picture than in physical reality.

I love

  • Turning all these sections into lists. I love lists.
  • Having so many new ideas to execute!
  • Bike rides!
  • Feeling like going places!
  • Seeing doors open all around me.

11 things I'm excited about today

  3. Bon voyage!
  5. Raw vegan mock tuna in my fridge!
  6. Following my emotions the entire day
  7. Catching up on paperwork, to do lists, crossing that business off for good!
  9. SUN
  10. Being a vibrational magnet
  11. Writing as much as I can!

10 things I appreciate about myself

  1. I am learning to love change.
  2. I am a website setup master!
  3. I am solution oriented!
  4. My abs are looking HOT
  5. I woke up feeling so heavenly!
  6. I wrote down my dreams today!
  7. I have new ideas
  8. I have flow breath
  9. I meditate almost every day
  10. I am a vibrational magnet!

Advice from Clair

Clair, what is a vibrational magnet?
When your vibration is high, those around you with the same or lower vibration feel attracted to you. The better you feel, the more pull you have. You are also a magnet when you have a low vibration - but you repel instead of attract.

Telling my future

Today I learn more ways to love myself.

What does your about page say today?

I am a thought direction tool.

Today's affirmations / thoughts to bookmark

  • I am a vibrational magnet.
  • My thoughts create.
  • I love myself.

Links I love

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Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Paige


    Astrojax music sounds cool.

    100 new things? What are you thinking of?

  • Allison Koberstein

    If you want to make music with AJ, maybe you should look into some DIY motion tracking techniques?

    This guy is tracking the movement of coloured balls…. it doesn’t look like it’s realtime though. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n70GjyS5Qk0

    This guy does motion tracking with the Wii system (it’s kind of old, you might have seen this!) http://johnnylee.net/projects/wii/

    Maybe you should try something with the Kinect, so you can track the movements of your whole body?

    Or you could look into how others are merging dance with technology/dynamic music, I’ve seen a few projects like this but I don’t remember what they were called!

  • jessica mullen

    100 new things… anything! I try to focus less on the “how” and more of the “why”. So maybe WHY I want to learn 100 new things is because then my thoughts are distracted from anything negative…

    That AJ music is in the works!

  • jessica mullen

    Allison you are the solution master! I was just thinking about using the Kinect – I think I just need to go to some music stores and computer stores and try out the equipment! THANK YOU for encouraging the AJ music – I can’t wait to see how it comes together! And I LOVE Johnny Lee’s work, I’ve seen that head-tracking vid before, the FUTURE IS NOW.

  • Allison Koberstein

    Yay, glad I could help!

    By the way, the thingy that’s supposed to notify me of follow up comments doesn’t seem to be working…!

  • jessica mullen

    Darn thingy! I’ll take a look, thanks for letting me know :]

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