What not to do when operating your emotional guidance system

guidance system

What not to do when operating your emotional guidance…

guidance system
Thank you Thomas Lieser & Tess Watson!

Abraham teaches that each of us have an internal guidance system: our emotions. The better we feel, the more in alignment we are with who we want to be.

The concept makes sense, especially after seeing the evidence in my own life experience. The better I feel, the easier my life is, the more fun I have, and the faster I get the things I want.

I know in my heart that I am a perfect being who can be or do or have ANYTHING I want. All I have to do is have a desire and trust that my emotions will guide me towards the manifestation of that desire. So why don't I have everything I want yet? Today I identified a few thought patterns that had been holding me back.

I still cared about what other people thought.

Every single time I'm wishy washy or indecisive, I know that it's because I'm caring about someone else's opinion. It might feel mean or rude to disregard what everyone else thinks, but only I can know what's best for me! Besides, since all of my reality is just a reflection of my thoughts anyway, I'm creating what other people think about me. If I don't think about what they think about, they're not doing much thinking about me in the first place!

I let my routines trump my emotions.

Just because I often like to do certain things, like eat a specific breakfast or write at a particular time, doesn't mean that I always have to do it like that. A routine can be a blessing when it stops me from negative thought patterns, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't think about how something feels before I do it. Always question your routine! There are a billion other things you could do that might feel better!

I allowed my desires to guide my actions.

At times I've made decisions based on whether or not I thought the outcome would bring me closer to the manifestation of my desires. Although this might make logical sense, it totally interfered with my emotional guidance system.

For example, I want to design a new thought direction tool. When I had some spare time today, I tried to force myself to work on it even though it wasn't feeling very good. Instead of trusting the universe to inspire my work and bring me the perfect solution, I attempted to physically "make" it happen.

A better method for creation is having the desire to create, then releasing the desire completely, trusting the ideal circumstances will coalesce effortlessly. Then follow your emotions towards the next-better-feeling thought or action. You'll be feeling so good doing what your emotions led you to that the perfect idea will strike, guaranteed!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • AlliWoodsFrederick

    Brilliant post. I would just like to bring up an issue that I (and I’m sure other readers) often come across:

    Intuitives (empath, psychic, etc.) are very sensitive to energy…this includes the energy of others. If I am alone and feeling “off” I generally assume I am the one responsible for the mood; however, if I am in a group/public setting and a negative mood develops out of nowhere I have to check-in and see if I am the cause or if the mood is due to another person’s negativity invading my energy. It happens with some frequency and it can be a real nuisance. There are grounding/protective exercises that you can do(creating bubbles, zipping up, etc) but in all honesty, when you’re rushing out the door to run an errand that is usually the last thing on your mind. I find many people are more sensitive to energy than they realize. So it might be a good idea to check-in and see where your feelings are coming from…just to make sure that what you are perceiving as YOUR emotion is truly yours and not the influence of others.

  • Paige

    Gosh… makes me realize how self-conscious I am of my thoughts. I really do concern myself with what other people would think of what I think and it’s not good to do…

    Great article.

  • Eirini

    Thanks for reminding me to let go and allow things to happen in their own good time,great post!

  • jessica mullen

    Alli, thanks for bringing that up. The way I look at it is that anyone else’s mood is your mood – people can only reflect back to you what you’re feeling internally. So if you perceive that someone’s mood is influencing your own mood, it’s kind of like an echo chamber effect. We are ALWAYS in control of our own moods, and there is absolutely nothing external to blame. We get back exactly what we put out.

    That being said, it doesn’t necessarily happen in real time. Sometimes  your thoughts may create a manifestation that you’ve already dealt with emotionally, but now you have to SEE the result of your thought pattern. Still, recognizing that your experience is a direct result of your thoughts is empowering, even if you don’t see the correlation instantly.

  • Jen

    Great post, Jessica! This was just what I needed, funny how that happens sometimes ;)

  • jessica mullen

    Thanks Jen :D

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