How to Break Through the Emotional Plane


How to Break Through the Emotional Plane

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Here's a shortcut to the top of the emotional scale: be your higher self. Your higher self is who you are striving to become. The disconnect you perceive between your current self and your higher self is what makes you feel anything less than perfect. So as of this moment, be the person you want to become and close the gap.

Think the thoughts your higher self thinks.
Say what your higher self would say.
Do what your higher self would do.

This is how we break through the emotional plane. Just like physical reality, emotional reality is an illusion–a result of thoughts you think. When we let emotions rule our thoughts or behavior, we are not using our power as conscious creators. Empowerment is an emotion at the top of the scale, up there with love and knowing.

Your higher self knows. Your higher self can provide all the guidance you desire.

Breaking through the emotional plane means becoming our higher selves. Our higher selves move in flow. They know. They love. They do not resist. They have a desire and instantly become it. As our higher selves, we are consciously creating in real time with the flow of life.

When we are our higher selves, we have the awareness of being both physical and source energy. We have the joy of sensation with the power of conscious creation. As our higher selves, we work with life, not against it. We let source live us. And source lets us live it.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Eirini

    You are such a source if inspiration Jessica!!Reallity is such a subjective thing!Let’s cut through the nonsense and go straight for the real stuff!

  • margo

    Beautifully Written and felt! ♡

  • Jayanthi

    Great post. I feel like you write just for me :) So relatable as I am going thru an emotional roller coaster right now. I need to watch my thoughts. Thanks Jessica.

  • jessica mullen

    Thanks darlins! I’m so excited it resonated with y’all, I’m on the right track!

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