Exorcising a Haunted Closet


Exorcising a Haunted Closet

Inspired by Eirini's article How to have the flat belly of your dreams by decluttering like a maniac, Kelly and I spent the entire day getting rid of junk. My most significant achievement was conquering my overflowing closet.

At least half my clothes didn't fit me. Every time I saw them I would think "those don't fit me, but soon they will." What a mistake! Every time I had that thought, I was generating a vibration of "I'm too big for my clothes. They don't fit." As long as I kept thinking that thought, that's what would manifest in my reality. The clothes would continue to not fit.

I ended up giving Kelly several dresses, skirts, and shirts. Seeing her rock my worn-only-once-or-twice items gave me a surprising feeling–abundance! It was like getting to take her shopping and buy her a whole new wardrobe! What a relief to see the clothes being worn instead of hanging pitifully and taunting me!

I gave the rest of the clothes to Goodwill. As I drove away from my stealthy 2am drop off, I felt a burden being lifted I didn't even know I had. Finally! Freedom from those clothes that had been haunting my vibration for months! And now I get to go shopping :D

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Eirini

    Thank you,Jessica!I am deeply honoured!Your blog is an AWSOME source of inspiration for people all over the world! I am just one of many who admire you and foresee great things for you in your near future!
    I’ve been reading law of attraction stuff for decades but your posts,full of wisdom beyond your years,spoke to my heart like no other!Maybe because you live and breathe what you teach!And maybe because your life is full of love of the purest and strongest kind(Kelly,that’s you!),which is the most potent source of inspiration in the world!
    Your school of life design rocks and I’m planning to join your forum as soon as I get myself a prepaid card(credit cards do not agree with me,silly,I know).I am looking forward to learning more from you and the other girls in the forum.Thanks again!Love and blessings to both of you girls!KEEP ROCKING EVERYBODY’S WORLD WITH YOUR OPEN-MINDEDNESS AND GIFTS!

  • Miss Tess Aquarium

    Closet cleaning is one of my favorite things to do! A long long long time ago I had a terrible break up and my ex kicked me out and got rid of all of my possessions. At first it was really hard (my precious stuff! family heirlooms! yearbooks) but then I started thinking about how lucky I was. I didn’t have stuff anymore, I could do anything I want, go anywhere I want! It was very liberating. Now I’m really careful about what I bring into my life (both possessions and people) and have an easy time letting things go. If something in my closet and house aren’t pulling their weight I give it to someone else who will appreciate it. This is especially difficult but liberating to do with non sentimental family treasures. Things that are beautiful but no one wants, and you end up with. I had 4 beautiful silk victorian gowns that were in a giant box and were too small for me to wear. I met a new person last week, we were working on a fashion show together (both designing). She said her line was reworked victorian clothing and a light went off in my head and I ran and grabbed the giant box. She was OVER THE MOON happy and now I have less stuff to store and move when me and my man move to SF :)

  • Miss Tess Aquarium

    Oh, I have a bit more to say :)

    The hardest part of losing my stuff was all my photography prints, film and other artwork. I felt like a part of me had been destroyed and it hurt my soul so bad. It really made me think about what I was doing and how important it was to share what I did far and wide so that one person couldn’t destroy my entire creative work in a fit of meanness. I’m so grateful for the internet for this! It makes sharing so easy!

  • bunny

    Without even reading your post, I saw the tweet linking to it and immediately decided that I had to purge my closet. I starred your tweet to remember to go back & check this post when I was at a computer instead of on my phone…

    In the meantime, I’ve purged the heck out of a very large, very stressful closet and turned the sloped back of the closet into my own secret craft stash!! Having all of my supplies organized and stored in my secret club back there has made me so much more motivated to create!! I’ve also decided this is the summer of dresses. I have several that I forgot about in all that clutter and it’s time to be fancy! :)


  • jessica mullen

    Eirini, thank you! It feels so good to get your feedback, what a nice reflection of my vibration!! :D And yes, Kelly is definitely the #1 contributing factor to “walking the walk” – she is my oracle and always helps me stay focused.

    Tess, wow right after Kelly and I read your comment Kelly straight threw out her yearbooks she’s been thinking of getting rid of for months… You are such an inspiration! I love that your story of contrasting experience lead to such growth for you, I appreciate it so much. And when we were getting rid of stuff we kept saying things like “oh but this is nice, someone should use it!” and then I remembered, yes that’s why we’re donating it all, so people can use it!

    Bunny, awesome! Secret craft stash, that sounds like my dream!! Organized art supplies is the BEST, it really is so much more motivating than when you don’t know where anything is… And dresses! What a treasure to unearth :D

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