I trust the process of life | gathering momentum

I trust the process of life | gathering momentum

I am so grateful for Linty and my comfortable bed and Kelly and spinach smoothies. I'm so grateful for DECLUTTERING DAY, inspired by Eirini!! She talks about how your body follows the blueprint of your thoughts, so if you declutter, your body goes into "decluttering mode" too. These are my fav paragraphs!

OK body,where do I start?By decluttering my personal belongings of course.Why?Because physical action is a symbolic gesture to help us stay aligned.The gesture itself has no inherent power to create.Your body,though,is always following the blueprint of your thoughts.It keeps creating and recreating itself based on the assumptions of that blueprint.So,if you switch into a 'getting rid of unnecessary stuff' mode,your body is bound to follow suit.

Throw stuff away instead.Throw away everything you don't need and then throw some of what you think you need as well.When you are done look at the stuff you decided to keep and give half of it away to charities,friends etc.Be ruthless and merciless.Remember,you are releasing junk from your energetic field!Become available for what you want by making space and time for it.If you want new and better experiences,you'll have to let go of the old ones and the things that go with them!

I'm so grateful for so much inspiration!!! I'm so grateful for Internet friends!


I'm so grateful for pop music! I'm so grateful for Kelly omg she is so perfect! I'm so grateful for my brand new car with brand new license plates! I'm so grateful I live in Texas! I'm so grateful Kelly is so excited to do spring cleaning today! I am so grateful to be getting rid of junk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so grateful to be cleaning up my vibration more and more every day!


I am so grateful my grandparents sent me an Easter card! What a bright spot in my mailbox!!! I love them so much!

I'm so grateful for Rihanna! I'm so grateful Kelly is doing dishes! I'm so grateful I'm going to go through my closet and get rid of most of my clothes! I'm so grateful to feel READY to get rid of stuff! I'm so grateful we got to take today off from spin and body pump! I'm so grateful my body is getting rest today! We super upped our fitness this week since we got bikes and we went RUNNING last night! I'm so grateful I know to listen to my body when it needs rest!

I'm so grateful for summer in Texas. I'm so grateful for my FUNFILE! I'm so grateful for INSPIRATION!!!

I'm so grateful for picture messages from my brother who is visiting Chicago - this is our house we grew up in!!

I'm so grateful for fresh inspiration, THANK YOU UNIVERSE! I am so grateful inspiration can come from anywhere! I am so grateful to be writing this post and focusing my vibration so that I can run on positive autopilot all day! I am so grateful I got to SLEEP so much last night! I'm so grateful I listen to my body! I'm so grateful there is no rush! I'm so grateful I'm in no hurry! I'm so grateful we went grocery shopping! I'm so grateful we have plenty to eat! I'm so grateful we have a comfortable bed and a washing machine that hooks up to the sink!

I'm so grateful to get started DECLUTTERING! It's TIME!

Wouldn't it be nice to get my nails done? Wouldn't it be nice to take someone's virginity? Hahahahahaha. Wouldn't it be nice to hear some new pop music? Wouldn't it be nice to get my car washed?! Wouldn't it be nice to feel good all day? Wouldn't it be nice to be inspired to write another article today? Wouldn't it be nice to go for a bike ride? Wouldn't it be nice if all this decluttering was something of a workout? Wouldn't it be nice to learn more about pulse reading? Wouldn't it be nice to make B's smoothies? Wouldn't it be nice to let go? Wouldn't it be nice to practice letting go? Wouldn't it be nice to get a polar pop!? Wouldn't it be nice to get rid of 50% of our stuff today? Wouldn't it be nice to sell some of it? Wouldn't it be nice to give most of it away? Wouldn't it be nice to eat a salad? Wouldn't it be nice to stay focused and have clarity in my vibration? Wouldn't it be nice to practice directing my thoughts all day? Wouldn't it be nice to have boundless energy? Wouldn't it be nice to laugh and play all day? Wouldn't it be nice to be in a great mood? Wouldn't it be nice to find the perfect dress for next weekend? Wouldn't it be nice to work on the vision board? Wouldn't it be nice to go to the Town Lake Y sometime?

What do I want?
I want to keep having fun all day! I want to get all the decluttering done! I want to have mind blowing revelations! I want to learn a whole bunch of new things today! I LOVE LEARNING IT'S M FAV. I want to write a new article today! I want new forum members! I want to sell a bunch of products today! I want to come up with new products! I want to print out my new dreams!

I want to feel blissful with my wife all day! I want to laugh and sing and explore! I want to make jokes on Facebook all day! I want to expand my mind! I want to do some graphic design! I want to play! I want to make lists and do all the things on the list! I want boundless energy! I want to have soooo much fun!!!! I want to reach the stars! I want to be the most successful life designer in the world.

What I want to feel today

  • Appreciation - like when I see one of my former colleagues or students do some great work! Or when someone lands a book deal or makes a bunch of money! Or when someone gets super fit!
  • SUCCESS! Like "Yes I DID IT! It was hard but FUN and WORTH IT!"
  • Abundance!!! Like when I got a new car! Like when I got that huge raise at my job last summer! Donations! (Cmon cmon cmon ^_^) Abundant love! Abundant health! Abundant fitness! Abundant strength! Abundant KNOWING!
  • Yes I want KNOWING! That's like the only emotion that really matters - it's the vibration of LOVE and POWER and the sense of "GETTING IT!" I KNOW my life is a result of my thoughts, and I KNOW that I think great thoughts, and I KNOW that my life is perfectly unfolding, and I KNOW it's only getting better every single day!!!

Today I intend to have the most fun possible. Today I intend to make jokes and laugh and be excited! Today I intend to give myself a permission slip to stop thinking! Today I intend to feel bliss! Today I intend to make this the best day of my life! Today I intend to remember how SUPER AWESOME I AM! TODAY I INTEND TO REMEMBER THAT I KNOW!

I love Kelly Ann Cree. She is my chef, my maid, my personal masseuse, my healer, my oracle, my SOCIAL DIRECTOR, my entertainer, my magician, my keeper of the peace!

I love MYSELF! I am the accountant, executor, the dad, the overseer, the witch, the slut, the dreamer, the questioner, the organizer! I LOVE that we are a PERFECT MATCH!! I love that our best qualities complement each other so perfectly!

I love that we're going to get the car washed today! I love that we are a perfect partnership! I love that we have the same crush! I love that we have been together for almost 4 years and we're only getting stronger! I LOVE MY CRAZY BEAUTIFUL LIFE!

11 things I'm excited about today

  2. Decluttering my home AND my vibration!
  3. Finally doing a bunch of things that need to be done!
  5. Having fun with my wife!
  6. Allowing inspiration!
  8. Letting god ;]
  9. Focusing on abundance and knowing!
  10. Making lists! And then doing the things on the lists!
  11. Feeling great all day!

10 things I appreciate about myself

  1. I am so open minded
  2. I have attracted the perfect partner who reminds me all the time to LIGHTEN UP!
  3. My logical ego self gets it too!
  4. I'm so intelligent
  5. I've inherited my parents' best qualities: my dad's intelligence and problem solving skills and my mom's creativity and playfulness! OH and both their attractiveness! :D
    mom dad n me
    dad n me
    mom n dad
  7. I am so creative
  8. I'm a great pet owner!
  9. I have such bril ideas!
  10. My dreams teach me SO MUCH!!

Advice from Clair

Clair, how can I ensure this day flows as well as I want it to?
Let it unfold (funfold?) from moment to moment. Only focus on NOW. Is right now unfolding perfectly? Then just keep living in the now. The now is always unfolding perfectly. Stay in the now. Focus on the now. Feel good NOW. Have fun NOW. Love NOW. And just keep picturing that flow in your head, you've seen it before a few times, you know exactly what it looks like. Remember that life is magick. Don't take a THING seriously. Trust the process of life. You've seen it with your own eyes. You already KNOW.

Telling my future

Today I'm riding the waves.

What does your about page say today?

I am the source of inspiration, creativity, love, joy, bliss, fun, play, and ECSTASY.

Interview with myself

Where do you get your inspiration from?
I sometimes forget and think it comes externally from people on facebook, or books, or astrojax, but really it comes from within. It comes from a quiet mind. It comes from a happy mind. It comes from the universe: me. It's a gift from my self to myself.

Today's affirmations / thoughts to bookmark

  • I trust the process of life.
  • I know.

Links I love

  • Si Dawson has an awesome article about loving life - just say "I love you" to all the bad shit and let it go.
  • Double omg, Sadie is so cute and she believes we can do whatever we want TOO!
  • Eirini has a beautiful post about decluttering your life to get the body you desire... it really makes sense!
  • Eirini linked to this Louise Hay book Heal Your Body, AMAZING
    These really resonated with me:
    Bodytalk - Louise L Hay - Heal Your Body
    Bodytalk - Louise L Hay - Heal Your Body-1

    I love her affirmation "I trust the process of life"!
  • Thank you to Ayanna for introducing me to Hoopnotica!

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Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Paige

    Hey! (also have commented under the name: Rouise)
    I love your website even though I don’t believe in the law of attraction the idea of designing your life intrigues me very much.

    Just the fact that you are so excited makes me excited sometimes.
    It’s kinda weird but when I think about the fact that someone can be as happy as you are it makes me happy for no reason.

    You have inspired me to start making a life stream blog (on tumblr) as soon as I put some more oomph into my life. I have already designed the post structure. :D

    You are so very very cute!
    I promise that when I get a part-time job I will pop a couple of dollars your way!

    What I love the most though is that I can take into consideration what things work for me and don’t have to worry about what doesn’t!

    It’s soooo good to have the internet again. It’s soo good to have internet connectivity! :D

    I can comment on awesome blogs/websites like yours!

  • jessica mullen

    Hey Paige!
    Thanks so much for the comment! Your feedback makes me smile :]

    I am so happy for you and your new site! I am subscribing immediately! I can’t wait to see what unfolds for you, what a beautiful journey to begin!

    Thanks for reading!

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