How to Change Your Reality


How to Change Your Reality

Your expectations create your reality. You make every decision based on what you expect to happen. Your expectations are determined by your beliefs. You beliefs are thoughts you think a lot.

To change your reality, change your expectations. To change your expectations, change your beliefs. To change your beliefs, change your thoughts.

1. Choose what you want to believe.

I want to be a millionaire. All I have to do is believe I am and I am. I create my self with each new thought. So if I think "I'm a millionaire," in that moment I truly am. But if I think a contradicting thought, that thought becomes truth. I need to choose what I want to believe and then let go of any thought that may contradict what I want to believe.

2. Decide what thoughts you would think if you believed what you wanted.

As a millionaire, these are thoughts I think: I love money. I'm a money magnet. Money is my friend. Money loves me. Money is so easy to come by. I buy anything I want. I give so many gifts! I have so much fun with my money. I have so much freedom! Money is such a fun game. Money excites me. All of my needs are met and I am free to do whatever I wish with my time.

3. Decide how you would feel if you believed what you wanted.

The only reason you want any physical manifestation is for the feeling it gives you. If you know what feeling you're looking for, you can practice it. When you practice feelings, you attract thoughts that create experiences that give you more of that feeling. Being a millionaire gives me the feelings of freedom, relief, excitement, power, and abundance.

Now all you have to do is practice thinking those new thoughts and feeling those feelings. If you do it enough, your thoughts will turn into patterns, which will turn into beliefs, which will turn into expectations, which will result in the physical manifestation you desire. Easy!

How do I practice thinking new thoughts?

This is my favorite puzzle. I use thought direction tools like momentum gathering posts, my FUNFILE, mantras and affirmations, vision boards, guided meditations, and framed goals. Writing seems to be the easiest way for me to practice the thoughts I want to think. I am always searching for new methods, so if you can think of any, please share!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Ayanna Kafi

    Love this post and I have so much to say! I’ve tried rolling new D&D stats for myself every day. I’ve tried making a new theme song every morning (it keeps me chipper and inspired all day). I’ve tried status updating on a theme (like “love is…” and I fill in a new one every hour). I’ve tried looking at my clothes as if they were a costume and I were in improvisational theater all day.

    I’m currently hooked on yogic breathing and pulse reading. I have particular breathing assignments from my spiritual teacher as well as my Reiki instructor so I stop about once an hour to focus in on the breath/ get my homework done. As far as pulse reading goes, It’s the coolest thing I’ve discovered since hooping! Dr John of is an Ayurvedic doctor. He teaches pulse reading to lay people as a way to understand and balance the energies in the body. I find that with these methods, you can manipulate your moods and energy. It’s really fun to explore.

  • Eirini

    great post ,packed with inspiration.Thank you,Jessica!

  • jessica mullen

    Ayanna, you are brilliant! Thank you for sharing all those ideas! I’m really interested in pulse reading – I’ll look into it! You are on the LEVEL girl!!!!! <3

    Eirini, thanks!!!!

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