I am doing what I was born to do | gathering momentum for a luscious Tu-tuesday

I am doing what I was born to do…

I am so grateful to be having salad for dinner again and listening to new Abraham audio! OMG it's like a whole new world has opened up in front of me! I feel like I'm ready for the next dimension!

I am so grateful Kelly and I went for a beautiful walk through Ladybird Lake Trail yesterday!!! I am so grateful the weather has been so PERFECT!!

skyline roses
I am so grateful for all the beautiful flowers and plants and flourishing nature in Austin!! I am so grateful for the beautiful contrast of city buildings!!

why think?
I am so grateful for all the amazing street art in Austin! Why think?!?!?!

I am so grateful for this beautiful day. I am so grateful I woke up in a good mood. I'm so grateful I have a brand new idea for an article and product!!!! WOO the Vortex Survival Kit is coming to the rescue!!

I am so grateful for Body Pump and for being into fitness and for our friends at the Y. I am so grateful for raw energy bars and sharing food with friends. I am so grateful for MONEY FLOWING INTO MY LIFE! I am so grateful for subscription payments and people buying the FUNFILE and joining the forum!! OMG THANK YOU BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE FOR SUPPORTING ME AND MY WORK!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

I am so grateful for Sheima. I am so grateful for Ali. I am so grateful for Beats Antique. I am so grateful I'm getting better at hooping! I'm so grateful for my Astrojax computer! I am so grateful for CREATIVE INSPIRATION!!!

I am so grateful for Facebook, and capturing awesome conversations that I have with images.


Nothing is worth doing if you don't feel good doing it

Wouldn't it be nice to talk to my mom at the perfect time? Wouldn't it be nice to wander around Austin tonight in this beautiful weather? Wouldn't it be nice to do Kerri's edits in 20 minutes? Wouldn't it be nice to find more inspiration for the SURVIVAL KIT?! Wouldn't it be nice to feel totally awake and refreshed and energized and LOVING!? Wouldn't it be nice to have a blissful adventure? Wouldn't it be nice to create create create?! Wouldn't it be nice to keep focusing on money coming in?? Wouldn't it be nice to chill with S? Wouldn't it be nice to upgrade the forum?! Wouldn't it be nice to work on my Linode?! Wouldn't it be nice have a lucid dream tonight?!

What do I want?
I want even more creative inspiration! I want creative execution! I want to work on this project with Kelly! I want to work on our podcast! I want to play all day every day! I want to make things that help people feel good and that make me money! I want to play with Pwny and Linty! I want to do my best work! I want to go camping on the beach! I want to be vortexin all day! I want to write! I want to lucid dream! I want to flirt! I want to run! I want a BICYCLE! I want a bicycle for Kelly too! I want to go skiing! I want to do a flip on my own in antigravity yoga! I want washboard abs! I want huge guns! I want to go to a shooting range! I want to bungee jump! I want to go to Costa Rica! I want to take Kelly to Amsterdam! I want time to stop! I want daylight to happen whenever I want it to! I want to feel love for everything and everyone in my life! I want to expand my AJ computer concept! I want to remember that all I have to do to get in the vortex is PLAY! I want to make things! I want to create! I want to let it flow! I want to allow! I want to have fun! I want to feel frisky! I want to love! I want to love! I love love love love love.

What I want to feel today

  • Creative inspiration! And execution! Now when I practice this feeling, I have such a wonderful feeling/image in my mind! I'm getting so good at this one! I picture myself in my bedroom at age 8, crafting things in the air using Astrojax as my computer and matter compiler, creating things out of the air, and then handing them to people and watching their faces light up! And it makes me feel so good! Like I love them and they love me and I feel like I'm doing exactly what I was born to do!!!!
  • Abundance! Just last night I realized that I have been focusing on the wrong end of the wave! I want to focus on all the glorious income in my life, not the money I'm spending! Sheeeit! Duh! I love income! I love subscription payments! I love feeling like I offer value and good feelings to people!

Today I intend to do what I was born to do: create, and love.

I love creating! I love practicing feelings of inspiration! IT WORKS! IT REALLY WORKS! I love Kelly! I love waking up and having brilliant conversations with her! I love her feedback! I love that she wants to work on a project with me too! I love that we get to go on an Austin adventure tonight! I love the beautiful weather! I love that there is no rush! I love that I can take my time! I love that I can trust the universe to bring me everything I need! I love getting subscription payments! I love income! I love money flowing into my experience, and I love buying cool things with the money! I love that I get to buy a box fan and new computer speakers and new pens today! I love that a blast through black ink pens so fast! I love that I spend SO MUCH TIME writing and drawing! I love that all I do is create and think and play and love! I love that my vibration is so trained! I love that I was SO OUT OF THE VORTEX last weekend because now I am inspired to make the Vortex Survival Kit!!!!! I LOVE MAKING SURVIVAL KITS IT IS A PASSION OF MINE SINCE I WAS 8. I love that every childhood memory I have is around age 8. I love that it doesn't matter when it happened, I just like to think of myself at 8. I was cool. I'm still cool!

Ahhh I love focus. I love that I figured out what I was born to do. I love that Astrojax is my real computer. I love Kelly. I love life. I love love. I love playing. I love flirting. I LOVE STUDYING PLAY! I LOVE THAT KELLY AND I ARE GOING TO NAME OUR FIRST KID "LUDA"!!!

11 things I'm excited about today

  1. Yesterday for the first time I did the "vortex" hoop trick, where you grab it off your waist, spin it above your head, and spin it back down to your waist! I LOVED IT OMG!!
  2. Upping my squat weights in Pump!!!
  4. Lately I make myself cry pretty much every time I write one of these posts. And it FEELS SO GOOD!!!! HAHAHA
  5. Naming our first kid Luda! Luda means play!
  6. My FUNFILE gets better every day! It helps me so much! My FUNFILE and my Astrojax are all I need! Well and my computer and phone... and Pwny and Linty and Kelly... but that's it! Oh and spinach. And sugar. HAhahahaha
  7. Finding new beliefs! I have this awesome new belief that any time I have a creative dilemma, I can just play with my Astrojax and a solution will come! That's why they're like a computer! They solve my problems every single time!!!!!!!!! PLAY IS ALWAYS THE SOLUTION!
  8. Going outside!
  9. I HAVE MY FIRST BIT OF SUN ON MY SKIN! Summer tan here I come yum yum yum
  10. My new gym bag is pretty much the most adorable thing in the existence of things. IT HAS TWO DETACHABLE BAGS HOLY COW.
    gym bag
  11. New friends on Facebook and in real life!!!!! THEY ARE THE SAME THING!!!!!!!!!!

10 things I appreciate about myself

  1. I keep remembering how I used to feel as a kid... and it feels so good
  2. I always know/feel when things are right
  3. I've been eating mostly raw!!!
  4. My tummy is getting flattttttttened out!
  5. I am getting SOOOOO FREAKIN GOOD at Astrojax!
  6. I am solution oriented!
  7. Um, my hair, hello!
  8. I am a cat whisperer
  9. I talk to people in my head!

Advice from Clair

Clair, how did I get back in the vortex? Is it the same every time? Is there a formula?
The ideas are simple but you have to have the willingness to do the work. The steps are this: find a better feeling thought. Play. Let go. They can happen in any order, or at the same time. But finding the willingness to improve your mood is the work. The willingness comes first from a logical understanding: you must believe with your logical mind that feeling good will bring you what you desire. Then you must prove it to yourself with life experience time and time again. After you have seen the evidence, the willingness to improve your mood comes naturally. There is no other choice. There is only fine tuning of the process - how to let go faster, more efficiently. Trusting yourself, your body and the universe more every single time. Playing because you know it's both a luxury and necessary for survival - because life is supposed to be joyous and luxurious.

Telling my future

Today I am the most beautiful being creating the most beautiful work in the most beautiful world.

What does your about page say today?

I am a flowing, lucid, spandexed creator of information that helps people feel good.


Interview with myself

Who is your biggest inspiration?
My 8 year old self. Children. My wife. My fitness instructors. My parents. My siblings. My grandparents. My circus arts friends. Abraham. Wayne Dyer. Deepak Chopra.

Today's affirmations / thoughts to bookmark

  • I am doing what I was born to do.

Links I love

  • I love finding new hooping resources! Be sure to check out the hooposophy articles!
  • Also hooping.org is awesome! And they use the Buddypress WP plugin!
  • Thank you Destiny Cyan for recommending The Mailbox idea magazine for teachers!! OBSESSED!
Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • destinycyan

    i’m on hooping.org! same user name as here :D
    i’m excited to hear you did the vortex trick! i practiced shoulder hooping today for the first time–so fun! can’t wait to get outside and try some other tricks…haven’t checked out superhooper yet, but i’m excited to take a look (man, i am so grateful and inspired to have others to talk about my hobbies and interests with!)

    also, glad you liked the link & your new gym bag is tiiiiiighhttt! ;)

  • jessica mullen

    I love that we get to talk about hooping!! I’ll have to sign up at hooping.org. I’m thinking about getting that same Buddypress plugin here to have more activity options… who knows!

    Thanks re: the gym bag :D it makes me SO HAPPY.

  • katjanikula

    thank you for reminding me about the true nature of reality! i needed it!

    also, that bag is the cutest thing ever. just having that would make me want to go to the gym a million times a day!

  • katjanikula

    ALSO: there’s a new Abraham audio? i can’t find it!

  • Rouise

    Luda? oooh
    My mother’s name is Lila which is (according to wikipedia) a concept of Hinduism meaning “pastime” “sport” or “play” and is a way of describing all reality.

  • jessica mullen

    I love it Rouise! Lila is a beautiful name for all of reality!

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